A garden is a piece of planned space that is adjoining a house. It is usually outdoors and it is reserved for cultivation, planting, display as well as enjoyment of flowers and nature in general. They are typically used for beautification and enhancing the appearance of a home or building.

You can incorporate many other things in a garden asides from plants and flowers. You can have artificial or natural water bodies, dry creek beds, follies, trellises, and pergolas.

Gardens may also be used for purposes other than decoration. They can be used to produce food like fruits and vegetables. One of the important pieces that one may have in their garden is a sculpture or statuary. You can learn about gardening here.

Adding sculptures to a garden is a great way of enhancing your home landscape. There are various options available and they can be made with a variety of materials. These include metal, stone, wood, and poly-resin.

It is crucial that whatever material is used can withstand weather elements. You should therefore select a durable material. These sculptures can range from ornamental to functional while some may have a dual purpose. They may also be bought or custom-made.

Choosing a Garden Sculpture

Choosing a Garden Sculpture

A well-chosen sculpture will bring structure and focus to your garden especially if positioned rightly. Focal points help to draw the eyes to specific parts of a space and create additional points of interest.

There are a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, colors and so on that can suit your space ad budget. For this reason, if you do not have any in mind, it can be overwhelming choosing a stature. However, you can find some tips on how to choose one below.


A sculpture may just be a tradition for you or it may be the center of the composition. So the one you buy will depend on why you need it. Do you just need it for decoration or does it hold a specific meaning for you?


As mention previously, the material used for your sculpture is important. This is because over time, weather elements like rain, wind, snow, and so on will affect them. If the material is not durable enough, depending on the material, your stature may be defaced or damaged.

For instance, wooden sculptures are attractive but are easily susceptible to weather damage. If you have to use it, then you have to ensure that you regularly treat the wood to elongate its lifespan.

Some of the most durable materials to use are metal and stone. You will find common materials used for making them here https://www.ehow.com/list_6848635_materials-used-sculpture_.html.

How It Fits Your Interests

You definitely have interests so one of the questions to ask yourself in choosing a sculpture is how does it define you? Do you like renaissance art, Greek mythology, animals, sports, religion, literature and so on? Your interest can be used to determine the kind you should choose.

You should keep in mind your favorites styles, colors and other things that appeal to you. All these will provide a great starting point in choosing a suitable one.

How It Fits Into Your Architecture

A suitably chosen sculpture will tie the architecture of your home and landscape together. This will help to create continuity and harmony. You should therefore study your home, landscape and surrounding for clues.

These include the colors and hues, materials used, dimensions, positioning, shape and texture. If all of these match with your architecture, then it will bring a cohesive and meaningful bond. If there is a pond or pool, the sculpture can be used to enhance its appearance.

How It Makes You Feel

Art pieces create feelings and your garden sculpture will do too. Before choosing a piece, does it excite you, humor you, or is it bland or depressing? All these will help to inform your decision. You can discover more here if this interests you.


Garden sculptures are great to have. They help to enhance and beautify your space. Nevertheless, there are various types and they can be made with a variety of materials. To help you easily choose one, can make use of the tips above to guide you.

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