Garden water features can seem like an expensive and time-consuming project. But it doesn’t have to be. There are simple projects you can tackle that don’t have to eat away at your savings or cost you months to complete. Maintaining a lovely home has fantastic mental health benefits. A pleasant abode that exudes warmth and delights the senses can help you unwind and rejuvenate after a long and tiring day. Thus, it only makes sense to put some effort into keeping it as welcoming and friendly as possible.

It applies not only to interior design but also to your outdoor configuration. One excellent way to enhance the value of your outdoor environment is to create your urban jungle, complete with refreshing water pools that will undoubtedly serve as a stunning addition to your organic ensemble.

Garden Water Features

Read on for simple, very doable garden projects you can start right away;

* Install a Bird Bath:

Install a Bird Bath
Image by: Pixabay

Installing a bird bath is easy. There’s no special electrical or plumbing knowledge required — you fill the whole thing with water and wait. A straightforward but sturdy construction that’s easy to clean is ideal. Positioning it close to the bushes should allow it to attract birds in no time.

If you don’t want raccoons tipping it now and then, go for a hanging bird bath. Don’t worry if it starts to crack — you can quickly turn it into a planter.

* Build a Mini Pond:

A mini pond is excellent for garden aesthetics and would add character to your outdoor biome. You can take the full creative direction in deciding the size and design of your pond. The larger the container, the more of rooms you can allow for an artistic display.

This project may be costlier and more labor-intensive compared to other projects on this list, but once it’s complete, the pond will require only minimal care.

* Install a Bubble Fountain:

Bubble Fountain
Image by: Pixabay

Bubble fountains are charming outdoor decors that produce a calming background sound to your already peaceful backyard garden. But lovely as they are, bubble fountains often don’t come cheap.

If your budget won’t allow you to buy a bubbling fountain, build your own. Jamie Sanders of Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom came up with a fantastic idea for a DIY bubble fountain in a pot. You can read her step-by-step guide in this post.

* Install Decorative Garden Sprinklers:

Water is a vital element for keeping your precious garden flora fresh and flourishing. But if you can’t find time to water your garden regularly and manually, you can build your water system using reliable hunter irrigation parts. You can even set and control your water system according to the nutrient needs of your plants.

For aesthetic leverage, choose garden sprinklers that come with a decorative design like this adorable elephant lawn sculpture that also doubles as a great garden sprinkler.

* Build a Recirculating Fountain:

Want the spa-like, soothing sound of splashing water, but don’t want to waste water? Then a recirculating fountain is just right for you.

Not only can a recirculating fountain serve as an impressive outdoor decorative element, but it can also be integrated indoors. Using a water conservation mechanism, it moves water upwards via a pump and then creates a trickling effect onto a lower basin. Different configurations can be achieved depending on the set-up.

Want to create your own? Refer to this DIY guide;

* Install a Water Wall:

Flowing water is always an ideal backdrop for plant collections, but if you don’t have much space for fountains, you can opt for building a water wall instead. Water walls work by using a pump to move the water through a conduit with holes at the top, allowing the liquid to flow down a vertical barrier onto a container. The base of the wall reinforces with rocks. Here’s a water wall DIY project you can check out.

* Make a Wall Sculpture Fountain:

Familiar with garden lions and gargoyles? If you think a water wall is too dull or too unremarkable for your space, why not go instead for an outdoor wall sculpture fountain? They are playful and creative, and there’s a great variety of designs you can choose any of them.

If you want to save on costs, buy the sculpture and the mechanism separately, and assemble them. Just make sure there’s a power plug nearby.

* Final Thoughts:

When it comes to garden design, your creativity is the limit. Collect your water feature inspirations, watch videos online, or follow your favorite gardening channels. Spend time researching and prepare a thorough plan for your project so you will be able to determine the timeline and budget. And if you want to save on the costs of materials, do your shopping during sales or stock clearing season to get excellent deals on fountains and pumps.

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