To follow up on my question the other day about gas prices soaring, yesterday morning I was riding my bike (because I love my bike and it’s cheaper to ride than to drive!) and snapped a shot of gas prices in my neighborhood – sorry about the angle, the light was turning green and I had to pedal quickly.

That reads $4.25 for regular unleaded. Holy Moly!

Boy, was I glad I was riding my bike. 🙂 Then, I did a quick search for where exactly does our dollar go? Here’s what I found out:

From Green Car Reports last September

Now last September was quite a few months ago and things have rapidly changed – such as the Iran issue which is feeding the media frenzy which is causing gas prices to rise. I will not be surprised if gas prices continue to peak out around $5.00 a gallon than simmer down around summer or fall. Until then, I’ll be riding my bike!


    • @MoneyCone – I have no idea. I guess it’s the illusion that sunny Californian’s have no worries about the cost of things! 😉

  1. Financial Samurai Reply

    Totally soaring! BUT, a good indication of demand which is bullish for the economy!

  2. I only fill up once every 2 weeks. Can I drive even less? Probably not. I thought about getting a more economical car, but I would have to spend money so there goes the savings. I guess I will just wait it out since this is just a cycle.

    • @Krantcents – I’ve been cycling to work about 4 days a week (too bad it’s gonna rain tomorrow!). That saves me a few gallons here and there. 🙂

  3. @Niki – I’m mad at myself for not purchasing airline tickets to my sister’s wedding in June. Not only is gas going up, airline tickets are going up. Argh!

  4. I have to mention that here in Europe we laugh a bit at americans complaining about gas prices 😉 Here in Norway it costs US$ 10 per gallon, and no there is no typo! 😀

  5. MyMoneyDesign Reply

    If only there was a way to ride my bike 60 miles to work! I participate in a car pool to work, but even still $4 to $5 is killing me.

  6. MyMoneyDesign Reply

    @Little House
    Yes, I know that is a ridiculous commute to work. Unfortunately, for us in Michigan, all the best paying jobs are near the Detroit area. But it is not my choice to live near there, so I make the drive!

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