We have all had that house or home in a neighborhood where everyone knows everyone’s business, the local shop tends to be the hangout where people seem to gather, and finding someone to help with a job or project simply takes one mention and word of mouth.

By the end of the day you can guarantee to have had at least 5 phone calls from retired, but still young, grandads looking to keep busy.

Self-employed workmen who have a day off are happy to help, or your friends Uncle Joe from the village over who has watched one too many YouTube videos and who knows every trick in the book spanning across all industries and is ready to go. A Jack of all trades as some would call him.

Whichever way you decide to go the main objective is to get the jobs done, the tasks that are too small to employ a full team of engineers but too big to do on your own require the services of what we like to call ‘a handyman.’

What is a handyman?

A great definition of this title can be read in this link but essentially it is someone who does the odd jobs around the home that require attention but not an emergency that it can’t wait until tomorrow.

For the odd jobs, someone around the corner will always be willing to lend a hand if it means a hot cup of tea and some biscuits at the end of it, other times a small fee is appropriate especially if the work carried out is tricky or complicated.

What once was the norm of fixing and mending the home has turned into a million-dollar business where you can hire as little as one person to a team of semi-qualified persons to complete the list of tasks you’ve written down. All completed within the day.

In most cases the person you hire will have a basic foundation of tools, however, if the job requires extra materials these will be added in as extra on the final invoice. It may seem an expense at the time but you can be sure the job will still cost a fraction it would if you were to use a branded company.

5 Benefits of hiring a handyman

The list of advantages when it comes to using a worker around the home is extensive, let us take a look at the top positives mentioned by happy customers and those who highly recommend the services of home help.

  • Time. We all know there never seems to be enough hours in the day, it flies past and suddenly you find yourself at dinner time and having only ticked off one thing on the to-do-list. With an extra pair of hands, multiple jobs can be executed at once and you may have a few minutes spare for a well-deserved coffee.
  • Experience. As someone who has put together plenty of flat-pack furniture, I feel I am pretty useful with a drill and some instructions, but when it comes to minor plumbing issues or refitting wall fixtures or electrics I throw my hands up and leave it to the “pro’s.”
    For a more in-depth look at this conversation topic take a minute to read this article and brush up on all your handyman facts and ensure you are in the know when it comes to what the person is most likely to agree to do and whether or not, if not agreed on beforehand, there is a fee applicable.
  • Safety. I don’t know about you but I certainly don’t own a hard hat or steel toe shoes, then again I am not doing tricky or risky jobs every day. A professional handyman will have these, however, and if he doesn’t it would be best to advise him to get them for his safety and to cover you from any legal complications that could occur should he get injured on the job.
  • Cost-effective. Is this not the aim in the first place when researching how efficiently to get the job done without having to remortgage the house to do so? A handyman can significantly reduce the overheads and material costs by perhaps having spares in his garage or his van, and knowing how to do things cheaper with fewer products.
  • Tools. As mentioned before, they will have the right tools for the job, and if not would usually purchase them for the job at hand and to have for future projects. There is no need for you to go out and purchase them yourself.

What to look for when hiring a handyman

Ideally, references from friends and family members will be your best option in working with someone who has successfully completed a job for someone you know, this way you know the service you are likely to receive and be less stressed.

Licenses and insurance, while they may not be a full-on professional, are still necessary to meet industry regulations and for the work being completed to be within legal compliance. In the event an accident happened you will be legally covered by your legal team.

When you meet or interview the candidate you want to feel comfortable, that they understand what you’re asking of them and that they are communicative of what they can or cannot do. The last thing you need is a ‘yes man’ who agrees to everything but come the end of the day is unable to complete any.

For a reliable and reputable handyman you can trust, check out unstoppablehandyman.com for all your home repairs and maintenance requirements but with the bonus of the quality of customer care, you deserve. It may seem menial of a task but no job is too big or too small for someone who can help.

Lastly, if possible ask for references and follow up on them before making your final decision, it can say a lot about a person who may come across as an introvert or not what you expected.

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