For a lot of people, moving is just an experience that is added to the independence period of our time. Regardless of how much stuff we have,  what to do when it comes to moving is normal for those who haven’t experienced it yet, and if you are in this group, we have a guide on how the moving experience goes.

With that said, said experience can depend entirely on your own situation, and you might be able to do things by yourself. For some people who own a lot of stuff, rather because they became independent a long ago, or just because they managed to get them through hard work, moving all their goods might be close to impossible, so they rely on a moving company, also known as removalists.

Talking About Moving Companies

There are three baselines you have to consider when it comes to hiring a professional company. Normally. there are multiple options to pick from based on your very own circumstances. We will discuss on which occasions you might not need to hire professionals like Moves and More removalists later on, but now, analyzing your situation might be the most important thing.

If you visit a removalist website, you might notice that the pricing of the services depends on the size of the truck and the persons that will help you out. These services often take into consideration the size of the room or property you live in, and the amount of furniture you possess.

Another thing that might affect the resulting price is the distance between the first location and the second location. The time spent moving things around and loading your stuff into the truck also applies.

Some Extra ServicesSome Extra Services

Extra services provided by the moving company frequently include things like disassembling and assembling certain appliances and furniture, like shelves and desks. They might also provide a re-arranging service for the new place, where they allocate everything based on your demands. This might require you to have a solid idea of how you want the new place arranged, and the packing must have categories so the arrangers have an easier time doing their job.

Other services might include cleaning up the whole new and old place for you, take care of the packing process, and also, the use of tools and materials like clothing and plastic to protect all your goods.

Should You Hire a Moving Company?

As mentioned earlier, it depends on your very own circumstances, but for some people, taking the decision might be difficult, so ideally, you should have a solid idea of what to expect if you decide to move by yourself without hiring professionals, before actually deciding what to do.

The easiest way to decide this is by looking at the stuff you need to move. If you are moving from your parent’s house and you are not taking a lot of stuff with you, you might as well rent a car or small van for the move. Some people even prefer to get the help of a friend or family member because they own little to nothing or just want a fresh start.

I myself only moved a bed frame, mattress, my computer’s desk, my desktop computer, and of course, a small fan. Everything else I got it afterward.

If you are actually moving from a place you’ve owned for a while and you know everything is yours, you might want to hire a professional company. Take into consideration the size of the place as well as the amount of furniture and appliances, to have an estimate of the final price when you are about to hire a service provider.

Make sure to be ready for the moving experience, as well as living by yourself. If you are still struggling to make the decision, you should check this guide over here.

Organizing and Packing

Even before the movie starts, there are some things you have to deal with, and those are organizing and packing. By organizing your stuff, reorganizing them in your new place will be much easier, since you’ll be able to find the stuff you are looking for right away.

You should also find yourself a lot of boxes and bags in case you need them, to be ready for the packing. Packing up is better done before moving, so you don’t have to deal with a lot of work in a single go, but gradually and steadily working on it each day.

By packing up previous to the day of the move, you’ll reduce the amount of time spent by the movers, so you’ll reduce the amount of money spend on their services. You will also, of course, sped up the moving process by a lot, which helps both sides.

The best way to pack stuff up is by using a tape gun, or regular tape, some markers to mark stuff accordingly (based on their location of placement, ideally), and also, some paper or plastic to protect the stuff inside the boxes.

As mentioned in this article over here, before starting the packing adventure, you should try to get your hands on a supply list of things you might need to get to make everything much easier. I recommend some scissors, bubble or plastic wrap, paper, cardboard boxes, tape, a cutter, markers, and if possible, sturdy boxes to save up important stuff.

If you can get rid of some of your stuff either by selling them, recycling them, or donating them, you’ll reduce your workload by a lot, and probably help some people along the way. Make sure to categorize the stuff that can be recycled and the stuff you can sell or donate, to make it even easier on you. You should look up a donating guide as well since you can’t just donate everything to charity. Clothes, games, books and DVDs or CDs are good examples of things you can donate to charity!

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