Everyone likes a well-decorated house — it creates a festive environment that’s warm and cozy. However, keeping your house decorated all year is difficult, especially if you have to juggle kids and work. That doesn’t even factor in the costs of decorating for every season. If you want your home to be well-decorated, you need to check out the following infographic to inspire you and help you get organized. Your house isn’t going to magically decorate itself, but you can make it look great without spending a lot.

First, you need to know what colors and patterns work best in each season. For instance, plaids look best in the winter and fall, pastels complement the spring season, and bright vibrant colors are perfect for the summer. These aren’t rules, just suggestions on what works best. You can learn all sorts of other decorating tips from this infographic.

DIY decorating projects are one of the best ways to save money. For instance, you can print out pictures on paper and frame them for art to match the seasons or make origami decorations. Another idea is to decorate with inexpensive Christmas lights to add charm to any space or season. You can get all sorts of lights from Christmaslightsetc.com. Make sure to get the kids involved in the decorating, too, because they’ll appreciate it more.


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