I’m not very hip when it comes to music, but thankfully my husband is a music connoisseur. One video and song I’ve become especially fond of is Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s song Home. There’s just something about the video and lyrics that makes me think back to the free loving days of the 1960’s. Of course I wasn’t alive during that decade, so I can only postulate what it may have been like during the love-ins and hippie era of flower children and bell bottoms. Now that I’m finally settling into my new apartment with the thought of living here for a few years, I’m still dreaming of a little house of my own in the near future. This video inspires me to think of home slightly differently. As the lyrics note, “Home is where ever I’m with you…”.

Perhaps I need to think more along these lines and not worry so much about finding my own home.


  1. I love music but I’ve gotten away from keeping up to date on it. This is a great song. I need to find a couple of music blogs to follow.

    Everyone needs a couple of aging hipster friends to keep them up to date on these things. Good thing your husband is one.

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