Ever since I created my Bliss Box Quiz, my head has been a-buzz with quiz-show type questions. Maybe it’s a niche I’ll have to develop into it’s own page at some point. But what does this have to do with personal finance or buying a house? Well, determining if one is a homebody or wanderlust could affect their personal finances. For example, a homebody may be more prone to want to purchase a house closer to home, no matter what the price or real estate market looks like. Where as a wanderlust could spend their entire fortune trekking across the globe searching for their elusive El Dorado. So, I’ve decided to pose a few questions for determining if one if a homebody or wanderlust, or someone who falls in between. I’ve included a description of what the answers could mean financially at the end of the quiz:

1. You’ve been invited to your cousin’s last minute wedding in Aruba. You have a nice emergency fund set aside, so you:
A. Aruba? You don’t know anyone in Aruba. You’ll pass.
B. Decide to search for the best travel deals, and if there is one within what you’re willing to pay, book the trip. If not, you’ll send a nice gift.
C. Immediately begin to pack.

2. You’ve just been offered a promotion at work that includes having to travel a couple of times a week, you:
A. Decline the promotion. Explain that you’re claustrophobic and just don’t travel very well. You’re more than happy in your current position.
B. Negotiate a deal where you not only get a 2% adjustment on the raise they’ve already offered you, but a Platinum Business AMEX so you can rack up travel points for yourself. Might as well take advantage of the company paying for your travel.
C. It’s your dream job! You jump up, kiss your boss, and begin planning side excursions to all the exciting cities you’ll be visiting, even if that includes Milwaukee.

3. You’re spouse has been offered a job in another state. The job has amazing benefits and the salary is “to die for”, you:
A. Discourage your spouse from taking the job. The thought of moving makes you nauseous. Besides, you’re geographically challenged and really aren’t sure where Raleigh is anyway.
B. Have a lengthy discussion with your spouse and weigh the pros and cons of moving and relocating. After discussing it together, you make a financially sound decision.
C. Whoo, hoo! You’ve been dying to live on the east coast for years. You’re goal is to live in every corner of the US before retirement.

4. You’ve been hoping to purchase a home in the near future, however the area you live in is extremely expensive, you:
A. Keep plugging along, eventually you’ll have enough for the down payment. Even if that means you’ll be 80 years old.
B. Make a back-up plan; living in an expensive area is financial-sabotage. You’ll give it X amount of years, then you’re off to a less expensive locale.
C. Immediately plot your escape. There are hundreds of US cities just waiting for you to arrive.

5. Your best friend from college was lucky enough to win an all expense paid vacation to Europe for two weeks. They invited you along since their spouse can’t go, you:
A. Decline; your suitcase is collecting dust in the attic and it’s just too much of a last minute, spur of the moment trip.
B. You call work and make sure you can escape for those two weeks, promising you’ll check in every other day. You also have enough extra cash set aside for spending money, so finances aren’t a problem.
C. Hop on the next plane and meet your friend in Europe, even if it means charging the extra expenses on a credit card, You’re definitely going!

Obviously, there’s a range on whether one defines themselves as a Homebody, a Wanderlust, or somewhere in the middle. So, to make scoring easy, the following applies:

Answers: A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 (If you range somewhere in the middle section, then you’re just a level-headed person!)

Homebody vs. Wanderlust
Homebody vs. Wanderlust

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  1. Financial Samurai Reply

    Wanderlust 4 life!

    A: A, B, B, C, C = 11 points.
    .-= Financial Samurai´s last blog ..The Katana- Deflation Is Out Of The Question =-.

  2. youngandthrifty Reply

    C+B+B+B+C= 12!

    Haha I beat financial samurai in my wanderlust-ness.

    That was fun- I felt like I was doing a quiz in Seventeen Magazine or YM again! =)

  3. @Financial Samurai – It’s funny, when I was creating this quiz, I was definitely leaning toward wanderlust. However, the more logical me wanted to be in the middle!

  4. @Everyday Tips – That’s were I’d like to be, but honestly, if it weren’t for my homebody husband, I’d be a complete and total wanderlust!

    @Young and Thrifty – I’ve always loved completing quizzes. Years ago, Discovery.com hosted this quiz about being a leader of an early human tribe. I did pretty well, until I lead my tribe into another group’s area and captured all the women! Perhaps I need to develop my quizzes more in that manner, a journey!

  5. @Jennifer – If I could convince my husband to move, I’d be in a less expensive city in a heartbeat! (He’s a total homebody!- my inspiration to my answers 😉 )

  6. @Barb Friedberg – I consider myself a travel lover as well (you could probably tell by my answers.) Unfortunately, I don’t get to travel as often as I’d like!

  7. Since I’ve had to add pages to my last passport, I guess I’m in the wanderlust camp. The passport stamps have slowed considerably since kids, but we still travel..just domestically.

    As I’m thinking aloud, I’ve actually lived in the same town for 15 years even though I’ve had many opportunities to move to other jobs. The COL where I live is pretty low and I’m driving distance to most of my friends and family. I guess I make up for my home bodyness with global jobs and vacations. I think there is a balance that you can reach. With 2 young kids, I’m glad my job is not global anymore. The calls at weird hours and travel on the weekends gets old. It was a great experience pre-kid though.

    • @Sandy L – I would definitely say that since you had to add pages to your passport, you were in the wanderlust camp. However, based on your comment, maybe you’re really just somewhere in the middle! I can see where having kids would limit traveling to an extent. Thanks for sharing!

    • @Money Reasons – That sounds familiar! Thanks for playing.

      @Suba – I’m with you on that one. However, the city we’re drooling over, Ojai, is actually a little bit more expensive! I just have to find its less expensive equivalent.

  8. Budgeting in the Fun Stuff Reply

    5 B’s…woot I’m level-headed! Great quiz! You should put a quiz on all your weekly favorites posts…

  9. Squirrelers Reply

    3 B’s, 2 A’s. A decent report card:)

    So, that equals 8. If the Level Headed range is 6 to 10, perhaps my score reflects the most level of heads? 🙂
    .-= Squirrelers´s last blog ..The 600-000 Dog =-.

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