A homeowner association manager is someone who speaks on behalf of a group of property owners and homeowners. It’s a pretty demanding role, where dealing with concerns and complaints are common. Being a HOA comes with lots of responsibility, your basic duties include:

Of course, these roles vary, depending on the community you’re working with. However, the role of a HOA is essential in the daily running of the building or properties in question. So, what does it take to be a good Homeowner Association Manager? Read on to find out more.

Be financially sufficient

You’re dealing with a community of homeowners, which means that the finances involved will make up a large part of your daily responsibilities. From understanding balance sheets to working out income and expenses, preparing for annual audits and basic accounting. Not everyone is a maths-whizz, however, there are online tools that can help make you more efficient. Check out bookkeeping for HOAS info for more details. The more proficient you are with the numbers and the finances, the more your community will trust you.

The ability to resolve conflicts

Being a good mediator is another vital skill that all good HOAs should possess. A lot of your role is going to consist of resolving conflicts between tenants, no matter how minute they may be. You’ll have to listen to both sides of the argument and make a judgment on what to do next based on what is best for everyone involved. You shouldn’t allow your feelings to influence your decisions.

Good communication skills

As a HOA, you’re the representative of the community you’re working for. Any kind of event that involves more than one property will require you to step up and provide the answer to any questions residents may have, and in turn, ask the questions that residents want to know. Good communication skills are key!


If someone comes to you with a query, you should be able to resolve it for them. Even if you don’t have the answer immediately, you must find the answers and give them as soon as possible. A good HOA will always continue to learn as much about housing regulations, laws and guidelines as possible and keep themselves well-informed of the latest standards.

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