There were over 1.5 million burglaries a year across the United States, the FBI reports. Thefts account for almost 20 percent of property crimes, and victims of these break-ins had losses totaling a whopping $3.6 billion. In all, burglaries of residential properties made up almost 70 percent of all burglary offenses.

* Property Crimes:

These statistics are not meant in any way to spook or scare you — they are merely there to reinforce an idea that you probably already have: to keep your home as secure from criminals as you can. It’s essential to have an honest look at the exterior of your abode to determine what you are doing well, and what might be making your house a target.

  • How Is Your Grass?

Burglars will not typically choose homes at random. In many cases, they will use available clues to determine if someone is home. If your yard filled with high grass and lots of weeds, it can advertise that no one is there. The same is true for bushes and shrubs around windows and doors — you might love that overgrown rhododendron bush and its pink blossoms in the spring, but a burglar will also like to hide behind it while breaking into your living room window. Keep your lawn and landscaping well-trimmed; if you don’t want to do it yourself, hire a local teen to do it. When you are away on vacation over the summer, make sure you have someone who can still keep the lawn looking its best.

  • Do You Have a Security Camera System?

Security Camera System
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If you wish to invest in a home security camera system, this is a great time to do just that. Burglars know what these tech devices look like, and if you have one over your garage door, near your front door and by your windows, he or she will probably not be inspired to test the system to see how well it works. When shopping for a home security system, look for one that has color night vision. For example, Lorex’s new Nocturnal security camera systems can capture clear footage in the dark; this way, if a creepy criminal is in your driveway or near your front door, the camera can still “see” in the dark and get footage of his hoodie, pants and car colors.

  • Do Your Lawn Decorations Look Enticing?

The lovely decorations that you display on your property can attract burglars for a couple of reasons. First, anything that sets your home apart from the neighbors — be it a gorgeous lamppost, a customized mailbox or adorable lawn ornaments — can also attract a bad guy’s attention. The money to spend on decorations, so you probably have nice stuff inside too. Besides. These beautiful items can also use as tools to help reach windows and other entry points. Like, if you have a set of lovely Adirondack chairs on the front lawn. You can bet a nogoodnik will be happy to drag one over to the side of your home and use it to reach and Jimmy a window.

  • Discouraging Burglars Is Quite Possible:

Once you assess your home’s exterior by answering the aforementioned questions, you can take the necessary steps to reduce your home’s curb appeal to bad guys. These three tips should go a long way in making sure your home will never figuratively scream “hey burglars, come on in!”

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