We’ve all heard the phrase, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” You’re also probably equally familiar with the aphorism, “You’ve got to spend money to make money.” Whatever colloquialism suits your fancy, the bottom line is that no matter what the situation is, you get out what you put in. When it comes to maintaining your house’s plumbing, it’s typically best to put in as much as possible.

Spending the money to hire a trained Winnipeg plumbing professional means the job’s done right and to full completion. What’s more, having a plumber inspect and repair your plumbing, even just once, could wind up lowering your water bill for months to come. The following is a list of several services your plumber can provide to save you money down the road. 

#1 – The Ever-Running Toilet

Every time you flush the toilet several different processes occur in sequence. First, the water and waste resting in the bowl is swept down the drain as more water floods into the bowl, helping move things along. Then, the bowl slowly refills with the water held in the toilet’s back compartment. (*I had this happen to me and it raised my water bill for one month by $150! No Joke!)

This phase of flushing is characterized by a soft, droning hiss, and can often take a frustratingly long amount of time. This is called “running,” when water from the back of the toilet slowly seeps into the bowl as new water simultaneously refills the basin. This means that for the entire time your toilet is hissing, new water is flooding into your toilet, while more money floods out of your wallet.

  • If you hear a hissing sound that lasts for longer than usual, lift open the back compartment of the toilet and look to see that the rubber stopper is completely closed.
  • Look on the bottom of the walls around the toilet, and try to find some sort of valve to cut off the flow of water into your toilet.
  • If none of that works, call a plumber! It could mean that there’s a problem with the pipes or your toilet that requires professional intervention.
  • If you notice any leaking or spraying occurring at your toilet’s connection point, call a plumber immediately as a pipe could soon burst and flood your house.

A running toilet could be a pretty straightforward and easy fix, but again, attempting to do anything too involved could wind up making things worse. Leaving running toilets unfixed means that your water bill will continue to rise at a rapid level. Do the right thing: call a plumber who can repair and improve your toilet’s plumbing while cutting off the flow of cash out of your pocket. 

#2 – Irrigation Leaks

If you have some sort of outdoor sprinkler system, or any similar outdoor water system, leaks in your irrigation regimen could end up raising your bill significantly. What’s more, finding these leaks can be difficult and takes time. Attempting to patch these compromises yourself could wind up exacerbating the problem.

  • Only a trained professional can fully understand your irrigation system and proceed accordingly.
  • Making any adjustments to any part of your irrigation system could cause extra strain to be applied to a different part, which will only make things worse in more places.
  • Hiring a plumber to maximize the efficiency of your outdoor water distribution could mean less money hemorrhaging from your pocket.

Taking the time and money out to have a plumber evaluate your irrigation system could spur savings and superior performance for you and your sprinklers. Always allow a professional to search for and diagnose any problems you might have, rather than continually patching leaks as they pop up. A trained plumbing professional can not only fix such leaks, but also install preventative features to keep this sort of thing from happening again. 

#3 – Lateral Line Leak

Oftentimes, the root of the problem is lying beneath the surface. Lateral line leaks are leaks occurring at the joints of your underground piping. Aging, rotting, or invasive processes like tree root growth or seismic activity could cause a lateral line leak, and a professional hand is always needed.

  • Your plumber will likely suggest a traditional trench and replace or a trenchless lining installment.
  • A trench and replace would require extensive work, wherein the leaky pipe is dug out and replaced with a better-performing piece of hardware.
  • A trenchless lining installment, as its name suggests, bypasses the digging and instead tries to line the damaged pipe with a sealing material.

A lateral line leak can be impossible to detect without the help of a professional. If you’re noticing an unjustifiable increase in your water bill, consider having a plumber examine your pipes for lateral line leaks or risk losing more and more money each month. 

Wrap Up

While we’d all like to be handy enough to deal with our problems ourselves, sometimes we need a trained eye and a steady hand. Hiring a plumber to perform any of these services as needed could mean cutting your water bill significantly each month. Don’t delay — call a plumber today and watch the savings roll in.

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