Energy Savers

Energy Savers

I’ve been on a mission to lower my electricity bill by a substantial amount. For years now, two months of electricity usage has been averaging near the $350 mark, much too high for just two people.  At first, I blamed it on our old energy-sucking rental house. But then, after moving into a more energy efficient apartment, our electricity bill didn’t budge. I realized our habits were creating this energy hog of a situation. The solution: turning off our computers every night and keeping the printer and scanner turned off until we needed them. It turns out that our home office alone was responsible for the high electric bills. The result: Two months of electricity for $221! That’s a savings of $150.

Here is a comparison of our electric bills since we’ve moved into a more energy-efficient apartment (or an apartment that has insulation compared to our old rental house that didn’t have any):

  • November/December electricity bill: $371 (a little over 2,400 KWH)
  • January/February electricity bill: $321 (we had just started turning off the computers by the end of February – that saved us $50 from the previous bill- 2,000 KWH)
  • March/April electricity bill: $221 (1,519 KWH)

We’ve reduced our kilowatts by almost 1,000 KWH; that’s a huge difference. However, we’re still going into tier 2 usage. Anything over the first 1,000 kilowatts moves into a second tier. Come June, tier 2 power costs more in direct correlation to warmer weather. This means we need to reduce our electricity usage by another 519 kilowatts. One thing I will begin doing this week is keeping my computer off during the day when I’m not home as well as through the night. That alone should reduce our kilowatts by almost 500. Yet with the warmer summer months approaching, I’m predicting that we might end up breaking even come July and August – the hottest months for our region. Thankfully, the insulation in our apartment allows us to set the thermostat to 80 degrees and still remain comfortable (we’ve had a few 94 degree days to test this theory out.)

I’m just giddy over our lowest electric bill to date!

How are you saving money on electricity?

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