This year is about to end. This is the best time to start making resolutions for next year. You might not be in a position to change your current situation. But it’s possible to change your direction. Your home is a place where you spend much time. Have you thought about making it a better place by keeping it clean and taking care of your garden? Here are some new resolutions that will improve your home and garden.

Love your soil

Any garden with blossoming plants and flowers must be having good soil. You should aim to have healthy soil to get the best out of your garden. You don’t have to invest in expensive manure. You could even use chicken manure, which is rich in organic material. In 2020, try to be vigilant in taking care of your garden because it’s a valuable resource.

Plant more

Have you thought of mixing and matching plants? That’s the best way of making your garden look good. However, you should get plants that work well when planted in the same garden. You could look for native plants and put them on your landscape. As you do that, create a garden space where you can relax.

Clean out your gutters often

Do you remember to clean your rain gutters? Most people forget to do this, leading to a gutter that is clogged with debris. A clogged gutter can make water fail to divert away from your home. This is unsafe because it can cause cracks on buildings. Make a plan of cleaning your gutters frequently as well as install the best gutter cover to avoid problems.

Make maintenance easy

It’s easy to set up a garden, but you may find it hard to maintain it. However, setting up container plants on a drip system can make it easy. You should also maintain your garden tools by cleaning and storing them well to avoid damage. Add native grasses in your garden and low maintain ace perennials. Ensure that you pay attention to soil composition through testing it.

Learn something new

There always trending things in garden design. You shouldn’t be left behind. Join gardening social media forums and follow gardening blogs to know what the latest thing is. Make sure that you incorporate what you have learned to your garden. You can as well find most recent gardening books where you can learn new things.

Create a disposal room

Would you like to have a quick, dumpster day? Create a room that can hold the junk you would like to dispose of temporarily. You can sort through your garage, closets, and drawers daily and remove what you don’t need and dispose of it there. When dumpster day arrives, get in touch with rubbish removal professionals like Paul’s Rubbish to dispose your waste eco-friendly way.

Take care of annoying pests

Pests can be a headache and can destroy your garden. Incorporate mosquito and deer-resistant plants to keep them away. You could put the mosquito repellant plants on a patio container to keep mosquitoes away.

A beautiful garden contributes to a beautiful home. As the year starts, resolve to keep your home clean and garden beautiful.

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