Maybe it was because I was gloating too much about our warm, sunny weather followed up by some beautiful photos of deck-living. Or perhaps it was yesterday’s ‘Supermoon’; whatever the cause, I’m now bearing the brunt of a full blown rain storm. So much for the first day of Spring being a bright one. Instead of riding my bike to Starbucks, I’m stuck inside preparing my own coffee (which is probably a good thing since I’m on a budget) and working today.

For those of you enjoying the first day of Spring, inside or out, here are a few links for your reading pleasure:

  • The Saved Quarter with How to Spend Your Savings in One Day.  Set backs are no fun, but I’m sure that Penny Saver will bounce back in no time and that savings account will grow by leaps and bounds.
  • Everyday Tips and Thoughts with My New Car Reveal. Find out which car Kris decided to purchase; it wasn’t the one she originally thought it would be.
  • Well Heeled Blog with Help Your Significant Other Save for Retirement. I need to start this, not only am I lagging behind, my significant other is worse off than me! Well Heeled assures us that personal finance is sexy!
  • Financial Samurai with Love or Career? I don’t know about his friend, but I know that I want it all! It’s possible, isn’t it? And who said 40 was old anyway?
  • Grumpy Rumblings of the Untenured with One of My Colleagues is Turning Crazy. We all know one or two colleagues who have flown the cuckoo’s nest, right?
  • Punch Debt in the Face with What Sane Person Wants Children? A look at the reasons why people choose to have kids. I personally think it’s fine to not have them if that’s your choice (and with 6.2 billion humans on the planet it’s not like our species is going extinct anytime soon. 😉 )

Enjoy your first day of Spring be it rainy, sunny or snowy!


  1. Barb Friedberg Reply

    Hi Jennifer-You get no sympathy from me (in the freezing right side of the USA) about a bit of rain. I say suck it up 🙂 Actually, I have a tip for you, buy a bag of joe at Starbucks and there’s an offer for a free cup if you return the bag.

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