From a personal finance perspective, it’s a responsible strategy to start planning ahead months before the holiday season. However, I’ve noticed that every year, holiday decorations appear earlier and earlier in the stores. Walk into any craft store around mid-October and not only do you see Halloween decorations, but Christmas begins to creep in as well. Come November 1st, it’s Christmas, baby!

I don’t want to sound like a Grinch, but Thanksgiving seems to be overlooked in most main-stream shopping centers. Retailers, obviously, have more trouble raking in the dough during a holiday when one should be thankful for what they already have.

The Christmas/holiday spirit has obviously infiltrated my mind. My last three posts have been holiday related. See, all this holiday marketing has influenced me!

With that said, I can’t agree enough with this humorous rant from Mr. Senior on Saturday Night Live. Though I usually can’t stay up long enough to watch Saturday Night Live, I do sometimes check out clips the next day on NBC’s homepage. This one was particularly funny:

Okay, so maybe mid-November isn’t too terribly early to start decking the halls, but after Thanksgiving just seems more appropriate.

Do you think holiday decorations appear too early in stores? Or are you ready for Christmas and the holidays come October?


  1. Money Beagle Reply

    The issue at hand is revenue opportunity. Simply put, retailers aren’t going to make a lot of money on Thanksgiving, especially compared to Halloween and Christmas, the two holidays that bookend Thanksgiving. Is there such a thing as Thanksgiving candy? Not really. Thanksgiving toys? No. Decorations? Apparel? Yeah, to some degree on both but it’s fairly limited. The bottom line is that stores are going to fill their square footage with what sells, and Thanksgiving gets overlooked because it doesn’t sell as well as Christmas, thus Christmas gets the nod right after Halloween.

    • @Money Beagle – Yes, that’s what retail is all about -selling! But, it would be nice to get a little breather in between! 😉

  2. I’m not a big ranter myself. But I hate seeing any holiday blown out of proportion so companies make more money convincing people to buy stuff they don’t need.

    Any holiday should be more about experiences and memories than stuff.

    • @Pamela-I agree. Today, if you ask children what Christmas is all about, you get the standard answer, “Presents!” It’s a little disappointing. 😉

  3. krantcents Reply

    Thanksgiving is not overlooked, it is now a shopping day! In fact, Black Friday is a sale day to boot. I get the feeling Holiday shopping will start right after Labor Day soon.

    • @Krantcents – That’s too darn early! I think that’s why I thought the Mr. Senior SNL skit was hilarious. Where’s just enjoying fall before getting wrapped up in winter? 🙂

  4. SuburbanFinance Reply

    I’m actually excited for Christmas this year, because I’m hosting! When I don’ host, I don’t bother to decorate or anything, because it would be just me and the fiance that enjoy it!

    • @Suburban Finance – That’s always been my wish; to host a holiday. Unfortunately, most of our family lives in another state(s) and we’re the sole couple that doesn’t live near any other relative. If we had a big house, it might make a difference, but it’s mostly the location that thwarts our efforts. Enjoy hosting this year!

  5. Ah the traditional Christmas rant, one of my favorite traditions. I think that since our holidays have been oriented around a consumer calendar (black Friday, cyber Monday etc.) we have lost our ability to not try and cash in on the system. It would be awesome to see Thanksgiving get a little bit more of its due. I saw some holiday stuff at the end of October, its all driven by the money.

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