I meant to write about my crummy line of credit status and biking challenge last month (see May’s here), but it slipped my mind (must be that summer sun!). To date, I’ve completed my bike challenge with 4 miles to boot! Biking is my love, so it’s very easy for me to commit to biking a certain amount and fulfilling that goal and then some.

Bike Challenge – Complete

Bike Challenge for July - complete
Bike Challenge for July – complete

Crummy Loan Pay Off

My crummy line of credit loan, however, is going a bit slower than hoped, only $2oo less than what it was six weeks ago. The interest is so atrocious at 29.99% that a large portion of my payment goes towards interest. However, I have a plan that will resolve this issue by next month.

Crummy Loan Pay Off
Crummy Loan Pay Off

 Now Some Awesome Posts for Sharing:

  •  Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance and MBA Course: Investing and Portfolio Management….some great tips for those interested and ready to invest in the stock market. It confirmed what my husband is doing, investing for the long haul.
  • Engineer Your Finances with Book Review – Enjoy Your Money. What was most intriguing about this book review is the comparison to the movie The Breakfast Club. One of my favorite ’80’s movies, if this book is as enjoyable, I could see myself blowing through it in an afternoon.
  • Budgeting in the Fun Stuff with Fit in a Fun Friday – Road Trips. Almost everyone has a memory of a road trip they experienced as a kid. Most of mine were of arguments, sleeping in the back of a van or wagon, hectic “Look, kids! The Badlands!” comments, and dusty, sweaty, musty smells. However, those memories are looked upon with nostalgia.
  • Young and Thrifty with Taking the Plunge and Putting an End to Home Envy. I feel her desire here, I too hope to be a homeowner in the next year or so. She’s not so crazy with wanting to purchase in Vancouver, a pricey area. I hope to purchase a home in Ojai (maybe I’m dreamin’!) within the next year or two. Perhaps were both loopy!

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  1. Barb Friedberg Reply

    I really appreciate the mention of my MBA post!! Good luck with the payoff. I’m rooting for you! Best regards, Barb
    .-= Barb Friedberg´s last blog ..The Catfight of the Personal Blogger Chicks Results Edition -amp Life Lessons =-.

  2. Wow 29.99% is crazy high!

    Is there any way that you can roll your balance over to a low interest card? I’m sure you would have done that if it was possible…

    I hope that the CEO of whatever credit card company is charging you such a high rate has horrible nights sleeping!!!

    • @Money Reasons – Next month I’ll be rolling this balance over to another loan at a lower APR, sort of a switch and bait move. I recently read a story about a person who was paying this same financial company through a wage garnishment. The person had paid above and beyond the initial amount of debt, but due to the high interest, he still owed thousands of dollars. It was settled in court and the financial company finally dismissed it due to the judge being completely baffled by the interest rate!

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