Cockroaches are one of the most common invasive pests that cause infestations in Texas homes. Because cockroaches are nocturnal insects, they love to hide in dark, tight, and moist locations. That is until you open your cabinets and look under your oven, stove, refrigerator, or wardrobe and are suddenly surprised by their presence.

Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Home

The sight of just one in your home is a sign that there are hundreds more hiding in every dark and empty crevice of the house. By the time you realize it, there is likely already a severe cockroach infestation in your home. You can occasionally step on and squish one or two, but it is a futile effort since a female cockroach can produce hundreds of eggs in her lifetime.

Cockroaches are extremely tough and resilient. According to National Geographic, they have a robust immune system and have enzymes that can break down toxins. Aside from this, researchers have even found that American cockroaches have genes in their DNA responsible for re-growing broken limbs.

How Cockroaches Create a Nuisance In Your Home

Cockroaches can enter your house through drainage pipes, cracks, doors, windows, and other openings. Since they like to stay and hide in dark and inaccessible places, homeowners do not discover their presence right away. Usually, you will start seeing droppings under large appliances like refrigerators or the kitchen sink, especially when there are leaks.

When you see a few cockroaches crawling outside their typical hiding areas, it is already a clear sign of a potential pest infestation. From a few cockroaches, they can multiply and can become a nuisance.

In addition to being unpleasant, cockroaches are also dangerous. They can ruin food, spread filth, and are known to carry many harmful microorganisms and diseases. They can destroy ruin clothes, curtains, fabrics, books, and kitchen equipment with their droppings.

Cockroaches also leave a long-lasting foul smell caused by secretions from their mouths and glands. If you do not stop the infestation, the whole house will end up smelling like a cockroach, a scent that is described as pungent and oily.

Cockroach Health Hazards

American cockroaches can become severe health hazards when left uncontrolled. They freely crawl through sewers and latrines where they are exposed to hazardous materials such as human and animal excrements and raw sewage.

After being exposed to such contaminants outside, they enter your home and crawl on your table, plates, clothes, beddings, and unattended foods, causing severe infections and spreading diseases.

Don’t underestimate them because of their small size. Cockroaches are known to spread diseases ranging from typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery, diarrhea to viral infections like poliomyelitis.

You can also read resources from the World Health Organization that thoroughly discuss the effects of cockroaches on human health.

DIY Cockroach Prevention

One of the first ways of controlling a cockroach infestation is to prevent them from coming inside your home. Cockroaches enter your house through cracks on the walls, floor, or foundations. You must make sure to inspect these areas and seal the cracks to prevent them from going in.

If they were already able to enter your home, then you can prevent the infestation from growing. The faster you move, the better the outcome will be. Go to usual hiding areas and place baits, traps and use approved over-the-counter chemical control measures.

But remember, you should DIY avoid chemical control as much as possible since their effects can be temporary, and cockroaches can become immune to the chemicals after a while.

Always inspect and clean usual hiding places such as large appliances and cabinets. Check damp areas such as sink, pipes, bathrooms and make sure they are dry to discourage cockroaches from hiding.

Secure trash cans and dispose of them daily if possible. Keep unwashed laundry in sealed laundry bags or sealed boxes so that cockroaches cannot enter. Regularly clean your home because cockroaches are attracted to dirt and filth.

Knowing When It’s Time To Call in a Professional

A do-it-yourself is always a good option, but sometimes it may not be enough to control cockroaches, especially if there is already too much infestation.

If you have tried all the suggested steps and still suffer from an infestation, then it is time to call a cockroach exterminator. They have the skills, expertise, and equipment to get rid of cockroaches and find their hidden colonies. They will also find and get rid of cockroach eggs and nymphs to prevent future infestations.

Stomp Out Infestations

Prevention is the best way to control a cockroach infestation. Keeping your rooms, storage areas, and house clean is very important, so they will not have hiding places. Keep an eye for signs of infestation, such as droppings and foul cockroach smell, and immediately use traps, gels, and devices to catch them. Consult a professional and find the best way to get rid of your cockroach problem.

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