Life can just become busy and that’s just what’s been happening around here lately. Between keeping up with finishing my credential (the second one!), teaching, and my personal life, I’ve hardly had time to post here on Little House. I’m sure that in a few weeks, things will slow down, but until then, it will be sort of quiet around here.

But in between all of my responsibilities, I’ve actually had some success turning my work into a profitable venture. Since I have to create lessons for my credential that I use in my middle-school classes, I’ve taken it one step further and now sell those plans and activities on Teachers Pay Teachers and it’s going really well! I put a little more effort into those plans and activities so that they are profitable, but it’s definitely worth it. I’m averaging two sales a day and have been increasing my monthly profit each month. I’ve set a goal for my self that by the  end of this year, I’ll have 30 products in my “store” (that’s only two more than I have now) and by the end of next summer I’ll increase that to 50. The more products I have to sell, potentially the more I’ll sell. The nice thing about this side business is that it’s stuff I use anyway, and then can sell it on TPT. And, once it’s created, it sits in my store and can become “passive” income. It’s a win-win situation.

I will get back to personal finance and little house posts soon, I swear! Just give me a week or two. 😉


  1. Life being busy can be a really good thing! Interested in learning more about “Teachers Pay Teachers” – perhaps that’s a future post idea 🙂 Not that I’m a teacher, but new ideas for passive-type income are often quite interesting.

  2. maria@moneyprinciple Reply

    Well…what can I say. I forgive you for not being around on your blog much because it soudns that you’ve been very usefully employed. Getting this store on Teachers Pay Teachers going is a great thing to do and I wish you all the luck with it.

  3. TPT sounds like a pretty cool side hustle. It’s something that you would be doing anyways and you’re making money off of it. My guess is that if you had 100 plans in your store you could potentially just have a steady trickle of money coming in pretty consistently without needing to put in any new work. That’s pretty cool.

  4. Dee @ Color Me Frugal Reply

    Sounds like a pretty great side hustle! Any time you can find an easy way to create a stream of passive income that’s excellent! Happy autumn!

    • @Dee – It’s turning out to be a good one, especially since they are products I use on a daily basis in my class as well.

  5. Jon @ Money Smart Guides Reply

    That is a great way to earn some extra (passive) income. Great job. I am sure that once you build up to a decent amount of plans and others see the quality of your work, sales will take off!

    • @Jon – It’s been going really well so far, but I do need to increase my activities and plans in my store. I’m shooting for 50 by the end of next summer and possibly 100 by the end of next year (as long as I get a lot done over the summer – I live on a teacher’s schedule. 🙂 )

  6. Congratulations to that new side hustle. Seize the opportunity and may that materialize into something that’s above your expectations. I wish you all the best!

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