I’m engrossed in little house plans and have done extensive research in my quest for the perfect little house. Though I’ve found lots of options for small and tiny house plans, Tumbleweed Tiny House Company is still one of my favorites. Many of their homes can be built on a trailer and offer excellent space utilization. They also have small, stationery homes as well that require a foundation. Now, fitting a family of 4 into one of these homes may be a stretch.  Their homes are meant to comfortably fit one to two people; say a single person or empty-nesters who are ready to downsize and be more mobile. I also just wrote a post about how inflation over 40-years has really modified the “American Dream” and maybe it’s time to think outside the suburban track-home. 😉

For those ready to make a move and go small, Tumbleweed is having a sale on one of their tiny house plans, the Popomo, until the end of this month. This mobile style home appears to be one of their easier to build homes. It’s basic structure is a rectangle and estimated cost to build is $20,000. This home is also one they have actual photos of inside and out. By the looks of it, it’s quite modern and can easily be pulled by a full-size truck. Ready to make your move?

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  1. Interesting layout. I’d be curious to see the bill of materials and note what they suggest for the exterior siding. From the picture it looks like thin-gauge steel sheets.

    • @101 Centavos – Tumbleweed estimates building costs at $20,000. Not too bad. The sides are steel but they also say you can use other material as well like painted board and baton siding. I love all of their plans, they’re so cute!

  2. Little houses are so interesting. I love the concept of them but I don’t know that I could live in one. I’d feel like I’d have no where to hide.

    • @Jana – That’s a good point. I suppose a single person wouldn’t have this dilemma, but a couple would need to maybe have a place to “get away” for a while. 😉

  3. Squirrelers Reply

    Thanks for mention!

    As for those houses, I think you’re 100% right about them being better for 1 or 2 people vs. a family! That said, for the right people, it could be viable. With the cost of housing the way it is, despite the recent price declines – as well as economic issues overall – maybe this is going to be more prevalent in the future. If one is in an area with a mild climate year round (NOT where I live now!), this could really work.

    • @Squirrelers – A family of 4 would be a tight squeeze, but who knows, there might be a family out there that can make it work. I love the idea of this for a young couple or empty-nester. The mobility is awesome.

  4. Money Beagle Reply

    Thanks for including me. Good luck with the decision, I look forward to hearing how everything pans out as I’m sure there will be decision after decision!

  5. retirebyforty Reply

    Wow, that’s really tiny. I think 1 person might be able to make 172 sq ft. works, but it’ll be a stretch for 2.

    • @Retireby40- 172 is really tiny, but if you look at most Tumbleweed layouts, they are really well designed and space-conscious. I think two people could make it work as long as they had a space to get away for some private time.

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