Alright, so maybe I’m a little jealous of this site. It’s a “Why didn’t I think of that?!” moment. However, I can’t think of everything and honestly, I love this idea; a real estate site that focuses on Tiny House Listings. Tiny House Listings lists real tiny houses for sale which include houses on trailers, tiny homes set on foundations, yurts, and camper/trailers.

Their listings aren’t copious yet, but there are a few tiny homes that are adorable like the Small Chalet Lake House in Illinois for $38,700. It’s only 450 sq ft with a great deck and some nice wood interior touches.

Chalet Lake House – Tiny House Listings

Or a trailer home in Florida for $36,000 from Tiny Home Builders (however this doesn’t come with land).

Trailer home in Florida

Even the first ever Tumbleweed Home like this one owned by Jay Shafer is listed for $34,200. It’s literally Tumbleweed Home number one.

First Tumbleweed for Sale

Now some of the listings need some TLC. A few are no more than a shack that desperately need some love and elbow grease (and perhaps new roofs!)  And just as an FYI, most banks won’t finance homes under 400 sq ft, however many of the listings are affordable enough to pay with cash. Tiny House Listings also offer resources for parking spaces (great resource if  you’re looking to park your Tumbleweed or trailer home), workshops, and tiny house plans.

If you’re searching for an existing tiny house for sale, this is a great starting point.


  1. Lance @ Money Life and More Reply

    I can understand banks not financing under 400 sq ft because there can’t be that much value to get out of the house should they have to foreclose on it and sell it to recoup what they are owed.

  2. LBee and the Money Tree Reply

    It’s amazing how many options people have these days. While I can’t see myself in a tiny home, it is great to have the option of getting one for a vacation home or something like that.

    • @LBee and the Money Tree – These would make great vacation homes, I agree. I know that homes under 1,000 sq ft are much too small for the modern family, but they work great for a weekend get-away.

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