Ways to Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

When you have a small room, you have to be careful. Otherwise, you can end up with a space that looks even smaller. How you paint, hang items and decorate all can make a considerable difference in how small — or big — a room looks. Learn 10 tricks that you can use to make small rooms look bigger.

1.  Incorporate Different Shades of the Same Color

colorful living roomImage Source: Maxpixel

Painting everything — walls, trim, and shelving — different shades of the same color can make the whole room look larger. You can choose lighter shades of the color or more vibrant shades. For example, you can choose a very light blue for the trim, a medium blue for the walls and a darker blue for the other details, such as the shelving. Or you can mix it up however you like.

2.  Go All-White

Opting for an all-white room can also be a good choice to make a small area look much more roomy. This strategy works especially well in a room with windows. The whiter the color, the more it will reflect natural light. A pop of accent color here and there throughout the room can add interest.

3.  Do an Accent Wall

accent wallImage Source: Pexels

Homeowners are usually a fan of the accent wall or not. Those who are fans appreciate the fact that an accent wall can create a stunning focal point in the room. If you don’t know what an accent wall is, it’s one wall that’s a different color than the other walls in the room. The accent wall is usually a stronger or richer color than the other walls, which tricks the eye into thinking there is more space in the room than there actually is.

4.  Paint the Ceiling

Here’s a simple trick. Perhaps you live in a home with lower ceilings, such as 8-feet-high. You can instantly make a small room with lower ceilings appear that it has higher ceilings, which will, in turn, make it look more spacious. All you have to do is paint your ceiling a lighter color than the rest of the room. If you’re not into painting, you might want to hire a professional painting service with experienced interior painters.

5.  Incorporate Stripes on the Walls

If you want to elongate the look of the walls in a small room, try painting horizontal stripes. To get the stripes perfectly level and of equal size, you will need supplies, such as a level and painter’s tape. Painting the stripes in contrasting colors can help create an illusion of depth.

6.  Try to Incorporate Hidden Storage

One thing that makes a room seem smaller and more cramped is a lot of clutter sitting around. Because the space is limited to begin with, it’s helpful to look for furniture that has hidden storage and other things that can easily store things but be tucked out of the way. Furniture or benches with hidden compartments and baskets are great solutions to keep clutter from taking over your space.

7.  Use the Curtain Trick

If you’re not a fan of curtains, that’s okay. But consider what a well-hung pair of curtains can do for a small room. If you hang them close to the ceiling, and they extend all the way down to the floor, it can make the ceilings in the room appear higher. Look for curtains that are 96-inches long if the room has 8-foot ceilings.

8.  Hang a Stunning Ceiling Fixture

ceiling fanImage Source: Pixabay

No matter if you want a ceiling fan or a chandelier or something in between, choose something that has the type of details that make people take notice. When you draw people’s eyes upward, it automatically makes the room seem like it has a higher ceiling than it actually does. Of course, the close the light fixture is mounted to the ceiling, the better. So, if you choose a ceiling fan, you probably want to opt for a flush mount.

9.  Hang Shelves High

If you plan to hang shelves in the room, make sure that you hang them as high as possible. Again, like the ceiling fixture, this strategy will draw the eye to the shelves and visually add height to the room.

10.  Use Smaller — Not Bigger — Furniture

smaller furniture piecesImage Source: Pixabay

Bigger is not better in this instance. Think smaller furniture pieces when working with a less-than-spacious room. For example, choose a love seat, wingback chairs or recliners instead of a couch. Instead of a coffee table, opt for seating that incorporates places for a drink or choose small end tables.

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