Realizing that your home doesn’t feel quite the same way anymore can be quite unsettling. Outgrowing a living space is part of being a homeowner. Over time, our needs change, and so do our routines. Along with these changes comes the alternative to upgrade our space.

However, upgrading a home doesn’t always mean moving to a new (much bigger) one. Sometimes, home additions are a far better option than moving entirely. They not only increase our home’s square footage but also its value — usually a worthwhile investment.

What Exactly Is a Home Addition?

Home additions are supplements or add-ons to a living space to meet the homeowner’s various needs. These needs come from different life changes such as having children, working from home, entertaining more guests, needing more storage space, and caring for ageing parents. These are just some of the things that require a bigger living space, hence the need for home improvement.

Why Are Home Additions So Popular?

Apart from the milestones in our lives, home additions have become more popular because of the global changes caused by the pandemic. More and more people are seeing the benefits of having a larger, more comfortable living space. From low-cost home additions to full-blown renovations, many families are certainly realizing the positives of upgrading their homes.

What Are the Different Types of Home Additions?

There are many ways to upgrade a home through home additions. Whether it’s a simple week-long project or an extended one that requires months to complete, it’s all a matter of building onto our existing home to meet our growing needs.

The Following Are Common Types of Home Additions:

  • Bedroom additions
  • Bathroom additions
  • Kitchen additions
  • Basement additions
  • Garage additions
  • In-law suite additions
  • Second-story additions

There are several areas in our home that can be considered for these different types of additions. An unused patio can make for a great children’s play area or entertainment room. A house with little ventilation can benefit from a roof deck where members of the family can unwind and relax. Most areas have certain building codes, however, so it is important to check that these additions meet the requirements before embarking on a home improvement project.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Home Additions?

While home additions can be truly satisfying once we see the final outcome, there are also some drawbacks that we need to evaluate before committing to the project.


  • There’s no need to move.
  • The home value increases.
  • There’s no need for a new mortgage.


  • It can get very expensive.
  • Outdoor space may be lost.
  • Temporarily living in a construction zone is required.

Are Home Additions a Good Choice?

Although there has been a surge of home additions since the pandemic, whether or not it’s a good choice depends on the needs of a homeowner and if the benefits outweigh the cost.

It’s important to weigh up both the benefits and drawbacks before opting for a home improvement project. If the time, money, and effort are all worth the comfort and extra space that it provides, then it’s obviously a wise choice.
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