Three years ago I started this blog with the intent to journal our quest on becoming home owners. I’m still not a home owner, but continue to work towards that goal. Along the way, I might have gotten side-tracked (went back to school), couldn’t decide where I wanted to live (still don’t know), and haven’t saved up the sufficient amount needed for a down payment (I’m working on it!) However, I haven’t lost focus of what I want: a house.

Now I seem to have even more motivation to reach that goal sooner than later; I want a dog!

This might seem silly, but before I ever owned my cats I felt that certain things needed to be in order before I could be a cat owner. Dog owners I’m sure are moaning, “Cats are so easy!” and they are. But I’m a very responsible person and wanted a secure place to live before I made the commitment to own a kitty or three. In college, I yearned to own cats and had many “strays” visit my 5-roommate rental house, but I felt I was moving around too often to own one of my own. So I just borrowed the neighborhood cats (seriously, at one point I had 10 – 15 cats surrounding my rental on any given day – they all had permanent homes, but loved visiting me for the attention. But I’ve always been known for my animal magnetism. 🙂 )

Hence, I feel this way, if not more, about owning a dog.

Owning a dog takes a lot more time, effort, and attention than owning cats…or at least it does if I want to be a good dog owner. From my knowledge of family and friends owning dogs they require dedication and time for proper training (becoming the pack leader isn’t easy from what I’ve read) which most people neglect in my experience.

It also requires a yard. Along with consistent walks, a yard is only fair for most dogs with boundless energy. Since many landlords shy away from tenants with dogs (completely understandable – but it’s usually the owners fault, not the dog’s, when damage is done), having my own dog still may be a few years away.

Waiting is also a better option since unlike cats, dogs appear to cost a lot more. They eat more, take up more space, need more toys and accessories and seem to need regular visits to the vet. Where my cats are perfectly content playing with an aluminum foil ball or shoe string (and sleep half the day away), dogs tend to keep human hours and need consistent human companionship.

Not that a house would fulfill all of my requirements for owning a dog, obviously I’d need to dedicate my time and energy, but having the extra space is a definite must.

So as I drool over the breeds I find online and weekend Petco adoption days, I’ll work even harder to reach my goal – own a house!

Do you own a dog? Did you wait until you owned a house? What breed do you prefer?