I can’t tell you how excited I am to say that our house is here…meaning it was delivered! That probably sounds strange to most people, but a manufactured home is built in a factory and delivered on a huge semi-truck (or trucks). And that’s exactly what has happened with our house.

We weren’t expecting the house to be built and ready to move until mid-to-late September, so we’re about a month ahead of schedule, which is awesome! It’s awesome for a few reasons:

  1. We get to move into our home sooner than later – so exciting!
  2. Our lease agreement at our apartment is up at the end of this month and then we go month-to-month at an atrocious monthly rate (seriously, our rent increases by about 14% and pushes us close to the $3,000 a month range. Ouch!) The earlier delivery means we may only have to pay one month at the crazy rate.
  3. Seriously, this process has taken five months so far and I really can’t wait to be living in my own home.

Of course, we can’t move in just yet (meaning today!) The next steps involve building the garage, the driveway, installing laminate flooring in the whole front-half of the house, and putting the skirting around the home which includes some brick work. Based on how long it took the contractors to finish other homes in the community, we’re estimating it will take 4-6 weeks for these steps to be completed. That time frame puts us with a move-in date around late September.

Here’s a time lapse video of the house being placed on our lot. It’s really impressive how they maneuver the homes into such small spots! There’s still more to be done, such as seaming it together and everything I mentioned already. I’ve also noticed that the house is missing the ruby red accent color. Hopefully that will be finished when everything else gets completed.

We’ve made friends with the neighbor across the street, so he’ll keep us updated as the process continues. Stay tuned for more photos!


  1. Money Beagle Reply

    That’s so cool! Instead of seeing the construction unfold, you get to see it pretty much jump together all at once.

    • @MoneyBeagle – We were hoping to see it built at some point, but instead Casey is going to tour the factory later this month. Still very exciting!

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