The beginning of winter is a period when most water supply network failures occur. Whether it is public areas or residential buildings, pipes often crack during the cold days, and water heater interventions are more common when temperatures are low.

On this page, find out how to prepare for cold weather and avoid common winter plumbing failures.

Best plumbing repair services in Virginia

Unless you are a DIY enthusiast, the best solution to a plumbing failure in your home is to call a plumber. The professionals can really spare you of a lot of trouble and repair the malfunction in no time. So it is good to know in which situations you can rely on skilled plumbers.

Drain Cleaning

Often people do not take care of what they throw into the drains. They think that, if there is already water going there, whatever the water washes can also pass through these pipes. That is usually the problem in residential areas where the disposal of household waste is not properly solved. These are usually food scraps, oil, pieces of paper, soap, hair, etc.

Most of these substances can pass through the drain unless you throw something larger that gets stuck in the channels. However, if you throw your waste in the drainage system every day, the deposits will eventually create and block the drainage. It could cause water and odors to return from the pipes.

Intervention on the drainage system requires a lot of skill, so it is not advisable to do this on your own. The plumber will find the congestion, secure a spot of failure (turn the water supply off), do whatever it takes to fix the breakdown, and leave your kitchen or bathroom free of mess.

Leaking Repair

When it comes to small leaking on easily accessible pipes and fittings, the problem can easily be solved with an epoxy paste or fix stick (depending on pipe materials). However, what to do when you notice that water is coming from the wall?

A large part of the plumbing system runs through walls or underground. It is not easy to inspect them, and most house owners see these pipes for the first time when some major failures occur. And if you fix the breakdown improperly, even more problems and serious damage can occur to the household.

Therefore, when you notice moisture on the walls, and there is no visible leakage spot, call a professional. After they determine where the pipe has cracked, they would probably have to replace it, if it’s rusty or rotten. To do that, plumbers would have to break down a part of the wall or dig underground.

Experienced plumbers already solved this type of plumbing issue many times. They have knowledge and routine. And with the right tools and years of experience, this job is a piece of cake for professionals like DM Select Services – Plumbing in Fairfax Station VA.

Emergency Intervention

Unless you are a professional plumber, you probably don’t have all the tools you need to fix a plumbing failure immediately. And emergency response interventions can happen at any time, especially during winter, when ice and low temperatures affect the water supply system.

Problems such as broken pipes, a clogged toilet, or leaking water heater must not wait, especially if you live in a residential building. Any delay represents a chance for more material damage. Contacting a professional plumber to solve an urgent problem will spare you of trouble, even though this intervention will cost more than ‘ordinary’ plumbing services.

water heater installation

Water Heater Installation and Service

During the winter, the functional water heater is of great importance. There is nothing better than a warm shower after a busy and cold day. In order to prevent malfunctions of this essential home appliance, it needs regular maintenance and servicing. And above all, the most important thing is proper installation and connection to the water supply network.

Since there are several types of water heaters today (electric, gas, with or without tank), each has a specific way of installation and maintenance. To do this in the right way, you should read the manual, understand both water and power supply, have the proper tool, know safety rules, etc.

For example, with electric water heaters, you should know how to connect the electrical wires inside the device. For gas models, it is crucial to attach them to the gas network properly. What do you think; will that be better done by you, or by professionals with years of experience? Just leave this job to the professionals. Proper installation is crucial for the smooth work of this unit.

Some minor faults in the water supply network can be independently repaired. It’s not easy to always find repairers when you need them. However, when the thing is an emergency, you better wait for the professionals.

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