When you look after the general running and upkeep of property websites, you want to make sure that you have use of tools that can make your processes more efficient. The better equipped you are when creating your listings, the more chance you will have to spend time on other aspects of your role, as well as to engage with potential clients.

In basic terms, Digital Asset Management is an intuitive tool that streamlines how businesses store all their files, including images, audio, videos, documents etc. Here we are going to explore the benefits of using DAM software to aid your property managing processes.

Managing Advertising

When you put out new property adverts, you can make the process of adding and managing your content that bit easier using a DAM system. This will allow you to have full control of all of your images and descriptions, within one straightforward search function, allowing you to use tags and keywords to find the correct file. Considering that some DAM systems also allow you to preview images too, you can use this to your advantage, saving time on the need to switch between windows and programs. These images will come up instantaneously, depending on the keywords you put in, meaning you can save time that may have previously been spent on your usual search engine.


Any files that you use on your website, emails, or other work-related tasks can also be stored via Digital Asset Management. Being able to have these images and other files on one, secure system that is accessible by your team means that you can free up space on your work computer hard-drive.

When previewing files, this is also done via the DAM system, saving you the hassle of needing to wait for a download, and removing some of the space that you have worked so hard to create. This can also mean that your computer will run better, without being bogged down by numerous images and other documents.


When you work in an environment that requires frequent communication with others, and teamwork, you don’t want to be spending most of your day sending emails of files back and forth, especially when you have so much else to be getting on with. In addition to this, a lot of email providers set a maximum file limit of 20MB, meaning for overly large files, you may need to fire off several emails. In some cases, you, or your colleagues, may need fast access to a certain file. Sending emails may have previously been the only option available to you, especially if this involved sending them to people working in different locations.

A Digital Asset Management tool can help to resolve this issue, because all the assets will already be stored on the system accessible to the relevant people. This way, you can easily share images with other users, no matter their location, without it impacting your work schedule.

Part of being a successful property manager is about your ability to work with others and create content that buyers, sellers, and those looking to rent will really be drawn to. By having an easier means of managing your digital assets, you will be able to create that content, and ensure that your files are kept securely.

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