Your little home is precious and, very likely, the most valuable asset you own. It is also where your heart is and keeps your family safe and happy. You’ve invested so much, not only to purchase it, but to make it a happy and comfortable place. Figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that on average 33% of household spending is on housing costs, and this continues to rise fast. But is your little home safe?

Keeping your home safe

Your home, your assets and your personal belongings should be protected from damage, intrusion, and destruction. Two-Thirds of Americans have previously said they do not feel safe in their homes, according to a survey by Honeywell. There is always the risk of experiencing losses to your home due to break-ins, fires, etc. You should always look out for yourself and protect yourself and your family from crimes and other dangerous situations. Only allow trusted individuals into your home; and ensure you check the identity of contractors. You should ensure that all doors and windows are locked. You should also take measures to protect your home against fires by maintaining cooking and electrical equipment; and installing smoke detectors, fire alarms and fire extinguishers.

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And when you are away

You should protect yourself from burglaries when you are away. You should therefore have some measures in place. Man’s best friend – the dog, can ward off intruders by barking when they see unfamiliar faces; friendly neighbors adjacent to your little home can also be of great help in ensuring the safety of your home when away. Also, installing lights outside your home, and a good home security system will ward off burglars. There are a range of smart security cameras and systems you can use to monitor your home whilst away.

Financial Security

Unfortunately, despite these measures, you may find yourself experiencing some losses in your home.  You may suffer a burglary and lose some valuable items.  You may not be able to stay in your home or use your assets and other contents due to damage from fire, theft, and other unfortunate incidents.

How will you survive if any of these should happen, and will you be financially prepared?  The best you can do is to put plans in place. You need to make sure you are covered in the event something unfortunate happens, and ensure you have a good financial protection to be able to cover all emergency expenses.

Taking measures to protect your home and preparing for any emergencies should give you and your family some peace of mind to enjoy your home.

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