Public adjusters specialize in insurance claims, and they manage every aspect of the process. You can know more about them in this link here. Their roles are to ensure that the policyholder will get the benefits and see that their client will get the maximum amount due to them.

They are responsible for the negotiations or adjusting the total amount of the claim. The claimant hires these professionals, representing the “general public” when it comes to effecting the settlements.

Many may be unaware that insurance adjusters in West Palm Beach exist. However, some are already employed by many insurance companies to go to the site of the disaster or accident. They take pictures, write relevant observations, talk to the witnesses, and they aim to know every detail to determine the minimum amount the company can give to the policyholder. They inspect, appraise, investigate and adjust the total compensation that the insurers are liable to pay to the insured.

On the other hand, public adjusters are there to help the policyholder. You can get in touch with these professionals through and see more of their services. They are the right people who are on your side when your claims get denied or you feel that the amount initially offered to you was unfair.

Public Adjusters are on Your Side

Public adjusters in West Palm Beach perform the same function, similar to those hired by the insurance company, but in this case, the pros are working for the policyholder. They represent and prepare the paperwork, negotiate claims based on evidence like photos and witnesses, and represent their client’s financial interests.

They have expertise and experience in insurance policies, and they know what and what’s not included. Some of them were previous agents in companies who decided to work with the public. They are in charge of everything to ensure that their client achieves a fair outcome. A maximized compensation is what they are after and putting all their efforts into those who genuinely need to recover after an accident.

Licenses Needed

In the United States and the District of Columbia, over 40 states are required to regulate public insurance adjusters’ licensing. Florida has created its licensing requirements and regulations that follow the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

In this law, NAIC defines the professionals as anyone who mediates or aid with the negotiations and paperwork during a claims process. There’s some form of compensation in effecting settlements. This covers anyone who advertises their services as public adjusters, advises the policyholder, claims regarding an insurance contract, or adjusting the total amount of the losses.

History and Experience

Many PAs previously worked as an agent themselves for many years. Some are flipping “to the other side” to represent clients instead of the company. Their knowledge about the ins and outs of the policies, tactics, strategies, and tricks used by the insurers to reduce the total amount is vast and complex. This is why they are the right people who can help procure evidence, get the maximum amount due to you, and ensure that the paperwork is in order.
Your insurers or carriers have their own team of adjusters. These people are in-charge in taking photos and analyzing everything after an accident or disaster. On the other side, the experts have a significant responsibility of protecting the insurance company that they are working for in West Palm Beach. As with any business, the insurers ensure that they can pay the lowest amount they were legally obliged to pay and nothing more.

Types of AdjustersTypes of Adjusters

  • Staff

These are the ones hired by the insurance companies to work for them. They are on their payroll, and they will be in charge of the claims daily.

  • Independent

these are professionals with freelancing experience, and they are hired on a contractual basis. For example, if an area was devastated by a fire, many claimants may want to get their insured sum, but there may not be enough staff to handle everyone simultaneously. This is where independent contractors enter the picture as they help the insurance companies whenever there’s a need.

  • Public

These are the ones who help policyholders and not the insurance companies.

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