Our manufactured house was delivered two months after submitting our finance paperwork. That means it took two months for Goldenwest to build the house to our specifications. Below is a quick glance at the steps we’ve completed.


If you’re interested in building your own tiny home, check out the Tiny House Plans book. It has some great building plans.

The next steps include:

  • installing the flooring; laminate in the front half and carpet in the back half of the house
  • fixing any imperfections that occurred during delivery (cracks in the drywall, doors that need to be rehung, etc.)
  • building the driveway and garage on a slab foundation
  • putting the skirting on the house and adding brickwork to the front, building the stairs in the front and in the garage (the house sits about 3 feet off the ground)

We were pleasantly surprised by how darn close our actual floor plan is to our mock up. We pretty much nailed it in every way….except one little thing we need to fix. The one thing we need to fix? A closet. We made the third bedroom into a den and had the manufacturer take out a wall that leads to the living room. However, we kept a closet in the hall that cuts into the den. When we sketched it out on our floor plan, it looked pretty good. But we didn’t estimate the wall length correctly, so our den has this weird wall with the back of the closet sticking out into the den. It also cuts into the floor space. We’re pretty sure we’re going to remove the closet and go with just a wall.

I have to¬†add that I absolutely love the kitchen and dining area/room. It’s huge!

Love the cook-top island and farm house sink!
Great layout of appliances.
Great layout of appliances.

We’re really hoping for an October 1st move-in since our rent increases exponentially this next coming month. We have to go month-to-month since we’re so close to moving and that means paying a higher rate PLUS a “month-to-month” additional amount (crappy to say the least).

Stay tuned for more photos of a completed house!


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