When I booked my ticket for New York back in October, I knew January would be frosty. What I didn’t know was that I’d be present during their coldest period in over 100-years with a record-breaking day of 4-degrees Fahrenheit – that was during the Polar Vortex. All I can say is brrr…..

Thankfully, the coat I picked up at 40% off was plenty warm enough with my boho-chic layers. Stockings and leggings under my jeans worked for my bottom half along with three layers on top under my jacket.

Highlights from New York in Winter
Highlights from New York in Winter

Now for some highlights of my trip:

  • First visit to Jersey City. My sister moved there last year and there’s a great view of the downtown area of Manhattan from the Path train.
  • Visited family that I haven’t seen in 18-months. It was great to catch-up, it’s just too bad they all live in the east coast and I live on the west! I’ve tried convincing them the weather is better here, but I think there’s a part of them that likes the cold!
  • First visit to Bergen County. Seems my siblings have fled Manhattan for more suburban living. Quaint town with adorable houses and great schools.
  • Baby sat my 7-month old nephew. He’s absolutely adorable and a super happy baby.
  • First celebrity sighting in years. Not many people probably know of this actor, Paul Dano, but he was on my plane back home and I’ve seen so many movies I recognized him at baggage claim. Didn’t know what to say to him and didn’t want to sound like a dork, so I didn’t approach him – now there’s a deflated ending for ya.

Packing light has its disadvantages. This trip, I checked a bag and kept my carry-on to a purse only. Great for exiting the plane, but trying to squeeze everything into my single suitcase had me relying on my phone camera for this trip. Let me just say my phone’s camera sucks. The flash is super-bright and washes out people’s faces. I either need to think about my next smartphone having a better camera, like the new Nokia Lumia, or give in to carrying around my point-and-shoot.

My phone camera is a terrible alternative to a real camera.
My phone camera is a terrible alternative to a real camera.

Due to the extremely cold weather, it reduced my overall expenses. As a family, our choices in entertainment were somewhat limited. I didn’t feel like wandering around the city so we stayed close to home and just hung out with friends and family eating, talking, and playing Scrabble. That was fine with me, but my next trip east will be during a warmer season!

Did you travel during the “Polar Vortex” last week?


  1. Daisy @ Prairie Eco Thrifter Reply

    WOW. That sounds COLD. I would not enjoy that at all. I have been to NYC before, but never Jersey City. I like NYC but definitely prefer smaller cities or suburbs.

    • @Daisy – It was super cold. In all my years of visiting, it was never as cold as it was the first week of January. Next time, I’m choosing summer!

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