The roof of a home provides protection in so many ways to a family not to mention the security and safety in which they take comfort living within that protection. Without shelter, there would be exposure to the extreme weather conditions as well as the perils of nasty pests carrying potentially dangerous diseases. When this piece of the house begins to deteriorate, it puts the rest of the structure at risk for damages and the health of those in residence.

Once there are signs that the integrity of the roof is faltering, it’s important to contact a reputable roofing company, to have an inspection right away. In doing so, the professionals can determine the extent of the damage and advise whether repairs are in order or if a replacement will be necessary. If a replacement is recommended, this is genuinely a benefit in the long-term as it will last for your lifespan in the home, done correctly, and improve the overall value in the event of resale.

Steps For Preparing A House For Roof Repairs Or Replacement

If you need to have your roof repaired or replaced, a reputable, reliable roofer will perform most of the work beginning with preparing the current roof to be removed to the final clean up once they have completed the project. As the homeowner there are simple steps that can make a huge difference in allowing the job to go much more smoothly.

The First Step Involves Taking Care Of The Children and Pets

Roofing a home is an extremely loud, invasive project that could take a couple of days to complete meaning the interior will be vulnerable during that time. For Children and pets this type of job can be especially disruptive to their everyday routines. To ensure less stress for them, it’s imperative to make concrete plans.

  • At the very least, you want to make sure your animals stay inside the house or have them stay with friends or family. The sight of strange people walking around outside not to mention stomping around on the roof and pounding hammers will make the pets anxious. And there is the potential for an injury when walking around outdoors for potty breaks with all the potential debris including nails. If they can’t stay with someone, they will need special cuddles and made as comfortable as possible during the disturbances.
  • Small children particularly infants should have a safe place to stay either with a grandparent or a close relative. It’s critical that babies have their required sleep. Younger children have a great chance of becoming agitated and older kids involved in activities won’t have an opportunity to concentrate on what they’re involved in. If it’s not possible to have the children stay with someone, keep their routine on schedule as much as possible and make sure they keep their shoes on in case there’s fallen debris inside.

The Next Thing To Do Is Prepare The Home

The roofing contractors may not actually come inside your home when completing the project but in performing the work, the entire house will be shaking. Shingling requires a massive number of nails being pounded into the surrounding structure which has the potential to cause damages on the interior.

  • For a majority of people, family heirlooms including fragile pieces typically end up in the attic where they can be vulnerable in the event of a roof repair or replacement. Moving these things to the main floor will keep them safe. After taking them down, it’s a good idea to put tarps or drop sheets on the attic floor to allow for easy clean up once the job is finished because there is likely to be an accumulation of dust.
  • A house that has the garage built on exposes the garage to dust and debris from its portion of the roof being taken care of. Everything that is kept in there will need to have extra protection or be moved out. The space typically is free of insulation which would keep the dust and shingle granules from coming through. These granules can scratch paint meaning any vehicles or car parts, special tools or collectibles stored there should be covered over with sheets.
  • Be sure that you take down all decorations that you have on the walls as the hammering vibrations can knock these off including shelving that may be loose. It’s especially necessary on a second floor where the movement will be greater. You may also want to put away fragile breakable accessories sitting around in the house that can get knocked over with the shaking.
  • The roofing contractors will take care of removing any accessories situated on the roof such as skylights, television dishes or satellites, or solar panels. And they will put them back up after the project is finished. Click to learn how to locate leaks and what to do.

Your yard will be exposed to vast amounts of debris falling from the roof as the contractors work. And people will be going back and forth from trucks to the work area by way of the driveway and the yard. Typically, there will be a dumpster in the driveway which the roofers will use to catch as much of the waste material as possible.

Most professional companies will put tarps down to help in collecting the waste and use either metal detectors or ‘magnets’ or other types of equipment in an effort to find nails. It’s up to you to make sure that you prepare the yard in anticipation of the work including mowing the grass, taking up any kind of yard accessories, and making sure that your vehicles are parked in an area a distance away from the work zone.

After completion, you should inspect the roof with the contractors to make sure it’s a quality result. A company of caliber will expect that you should call once they leave if there are any mishaps such as a shingle coming loose before sealing due to extreme weather or the potential that something was inadvertently missed in finishing up the project. With any job there is the potential for an honest mistake and those who are reputable will be anxious to make it right.

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