Sell Your Little House

With the average cost of a tiny home being only $23,000– considerably less than the down payment on a conventional house – it is easy to see why more and more Americans are considering downsizing. However, the price of tiny houses can be an issue for those wishing to maximise the return on the sale of their properties. In conventional real estate offers on homes can vary by tens of thousands of dollars but for tiny home owners this is their full worth. Whilst it is always important to present your home in the best possible light when selling this is more important than ever with a little home.

First Impressions Count

Human beings are predictable and despite all of our attempts to overcome our nature basic psychology will win out in the end. The sad fact is that people make their minds up about home buying before they have even viewed the property. A Canadian study found that 80% of buyers had decided whether or not to buy before they had done any more than just enter the front door. With this in mind it is vital that the outside of your little home is as perfect as possible. Ensure the windows are as clean as possible, freshen up the paint and do those gardening jobs you have been putting off. Here is your first chance to make your home stand out in the right way. If your green thumb has let you down visit your local garden centre to buy some plants and window boxes. Paint your front door a unique color that stands out from the rest of the neighbourhood in the right way (think royal blue or British Racing green rather than bright pink). If your house has a number make sure that it is clearly visible from the street. Make your little home a big feature that cannot be missed.

We Judge By More Than Just Sight

It has become a real cliche to use baking bread or brewing coffee smells to help sell a home but there is a reason that things become cliche. Bread and coffee smells work because they are positive aromas that evoke a feeling of home and comfort; they also work because they are fresh and mask stale odours. All the clothes in the house need to be clean and properly stored. Sweaty training shoes need to be left in the car along with the towel you used to dry yourself that morning. Any stale smell is bad when selling a home but with a little home the biggest fear of any buyer will be damp. Don’t leave anything around that could give even a hint of it. Put the coffee on, load up the bread maker and fill your vases with fresh cut flowers (if you don’t have any check out your local thrift store).

All The World’s A Stage But So Is A House Sale

If you want to get the absolute top price for your little home you cannot fit selling around your existing life. You are not selling the house itself but the very idea of a home. The most basic rule of any house sale is to declutter and depersonalise. Hire a storage locker for the majority of your books and personal possessions. Replace photos of your family with generic images of the wide open countryside. Strip that over-burdened coat hook of your 4 seasons of coats and leave only what suits the weather of the day. Don’t go too mad with the declutter though as you are selling the idea of a normal life in a small space. Use clever storage ideas to really push the idea that your buyers’ existing home will fit in your space.

There are hundreds of websites devoted to advising you on selling your home but it isn’t rocket science. The first step to selling is to let go of your life in that property. Until you can accept that your little home is no longer yours no one else will be able to either. Selling a home is a job and it requires effort. There is no need to go overboard on your preparations but it is vital to take it seriously. A decluttered, depersonalised, freshly painted home with fresh smells, clever storage ideas, bright flowers and a big smile will win over even the most cynical of buyers.

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