According to this publication on, California is among the six biggest contributors to the U.S GDP. The economic status of the state is one of the key indicators that it can be a good place to invest in real estate. If the economy is doing well, then real estate is likely to do well too. However, a good economy and other positive factors don’t automatically guarantee success in real estate. You need to plan well and consider a couple of factors when setting up your business to increase the chances of success. Some of them include the following:

  • Market

You’ve probably worked on the real estate market under someone else’s business and gotten some experience. In addition to the information you acquired as an agent, consider doing more research before launching your business. Firstly, you already have competitors. The market may not be saturated with real estate firms, but there are a good number of successful ones. Actually, some people argue that CA is more known for tech startups than real estate. Regardless of the numbers of the existing businesses, don’t relax. Take time to do a research on their operations. With research, you can learn how to stand out and launch your business with a good foundation. Other factors you should look into include home values, rent and your key areas of interests.

  • Goals

When launching a business, you need to set clear goals. Consider what you want to achieve at the end of the month, year or in the next five years. Setting clear goals can keep you motivated and it can also help in avoiding procrastination.

  • Expertise

What expertise do you need to run a real estate business? If you are hiring employees, what skills should they possess? Other than employees, you may also need to work with other people. For instance, you may need a lawyer, accountant, business formation experts to help you in setting up your business, a web designer, a social media manager and an assistant among many others. Consider all the expertise and skills you will require for your business to be successful and come up with a plan on how you are going to get each. For instance, what qualities should you look for when hiring a lawyer?


Successful companies market their services continually. There are many ways, both digital and non-digital, that you can use to market your business. A strong online presence makes it easy for customers to find you on online search. Thus, make plans on how you are going to create a website, social media pages and get business listings. However, note that creating websites and profiles doesn’t help. You have to keep them active. Also, you need to know the right kind of context to use when writing posts for websites and social media. Do keyword research or hire someone to do it for you to ensure you are using high intent keywords. Also, note that reviews can market your business. Thus, come up with a plan on how you are going to make it easy for your customers to leave reviews.

  • Nurturing Leads

When someone contacts you, what steps will you follow to convert them to a customer? How will you ensure that the responses are fast and comprehensive? Great customer service also comes into play here. Be well equipped to handle your leads well to ensure they convert and leave as satisfied customers. And, when the customer is satisfied, they can send you more referrals.

Of course, there is more to consider when setting up a real estate business. Just like any other business, there are guidelines you should follow when setting up. Check the ones that are specific to CA real estate businesses. Also, don’t forget essentials such as insurance.

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