Well, three weeks have gone by since we submitted all of our paperwork to purchase a manufactured home in a mobile home community. Our financing is in place, but now we’re waiting on park approval, the step that we thought would be quickest!

One of the main things holding us up is the fact that Mr. LH works for himself. Though I make plenty of income to support our move, the park isn’t satisfied with the paperwork on his end, which is slowing things down because they keep asking for more paperwork which we’ve submitted: taxes and a P&L. We’re in a hold pattern until that is resolved.

However, we have started to spec, or design, our house. We met with a designer last week and were met again with some road blocks; our budget isn’t quite large enough to build exactly what we want, so we’ve had to rethink how to get what we want on a smaller scale and with a different model. We also don’t want to completely flush out the design until we know FOR SURE that we have park approval. It would be terribly disappointing to have designed a house, but then not have any where to put it.

With that said,  here’s the floor plan we’re working with:

Golden West Limited Edition
Golden West Limited Edition

We’re going with the beachfront style which isn’t shown in this illustrated floor plan. The difference is a few feet extra in the front of the dining area with a bay window and a front entrance with a porch. We are also flipping the plan so that the living room is on the other side of the house. Another modification we’re requesting is that bedroom #2 becomes a den off the living room so that the living area in the front is open and quite large. Total square feet comes in around 1,500 approximately. One of our “must have’s” is also a garage which is eating up a good portion of our budget, but we really need one and honestly, the homes resell better with a garage (not that we’re going to be reselling anytime soon, but it is something we have to consider when we build our home – resell value).

We’re still very excited about our pending purchase. We hope that this week we get the green light and can finalize our design and begin the build process, which will take about 4-6 months. Stay tuned for more updates – specifically design elements!

UPDATE: We’ve gotten park approval! (only took 3 and a half weeks.)

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