Alan Akina wants to educate people about finances in a way that makes sense to everyone, not just mathematical geniuses that can calculate the compound interest formula without a calculator. So he’s created an e-book about money that anyone can follow, it’s called Super Duper Simple Book on Money. He breaks down personal finance into five basic principles:

  1. Money In (income)
  2. Money Out (expenses)
  3. Money We Owe (debt)
  4. Money We Grow (investments)
  5. Money We Share (philanthropy)

Akina’s e-book is simple and easy to read with the basic principles described in as few words as possible.  He also incorporates worksheet links to help the reader calculate each section related to the principle. For example, in the money out section, Akina includes a downloadable worksheet to help manage a person’s expenses.

In the “Money We Owe” section of the e-book, Akina explains the most common debt and offers tips on how to pay off debt using videos and a worksheet to figure out a total amount.

Tuesday, May 1st Alan is giving away a free copy of his e-book if you visit his site: Super Duper Simple Books. If you or someone you know need money basics explained to them, this is a great starting point.

Also watch for a free e-book giveaway later next week from me!