I can’t help but believe that if we (I define “we” as the people and the state and federal government here) support small business, new jobs will be created;  created in the form of employees, employers, and budding entrepreneurs. So hearing this topic come up in the Presidential debates was exciting the other night. It’s no shocker that one of the key points of the debates and election is creating new jobs. Too many people are still out of work and that in and of itself is dragging the economy along the bottom of a very bumpy road.

As an individual, I can support small businesses by shopping locally. Of course, as a conscious consumer, I like to find the best deals on items that I buy and sometimes small businesses have the best price. I’ll use a recent shopping trip as an example; Mr. LH and I grabbed some food the other day at a shopping center. We eat out a couple of times a week but spend very little overall on eating out. As we walked past a small, independently owned women’s clothing store, Mr. LH thought a few of the items in the window were worth checking out – he’s always thinking me. I really didn’t feel like shopping for clothes, so I slowly followed him into the store. As I browsed a few of the racks, the $9.99 prices caught my eye. I was immediately more interested.

After 20 minutes of working my way through the store, I purchased 5 items (some shirts, a sweater and leggings) for $42. I was thrilled to find such a bargain at a local shop and will definitely be back for more. Forty-two dollars doesn’t seem like much in the grand scheme of things, but supporting small businesses instead of shopping the big box stores helps create jobs at a local level.

Government (state and federal) that lowers taxes for small businesses and makes it easier for them to operate on a smaller scale support and create jobs. This is what I’m hoping to see over the next four years – regardless of the president incumbent. My knowledge of politics is limited, but it seems logical to support endeavors that create jobs. Once jobs are rolling, the economy will begin its road to recovery.

Do small businesses fuel a stronger economy? Can job growth be expected in this sector?

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  1. Joe @ Retire By 40 Reply

    I love local businesses too. We support local eateries and never go to a chain restaurant. Other things are more difficult because the local businesses are more expensive than Amazon or the big box stores.

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