Workplace safety has become one of the most important elements of business operation in industry today. Property owners are fully recognizing that every element of what they do, and where they do it, must be looked at closely to ensure that such considerations as safe operating practices, well functioning machinery, and other such factors are always followed and kept up-to-date. One area that may be overlooked at times, but is nonetheless as important as any other consideration, is the effective installation of the right surface protection in the facility.

For customers interested in getting the safest, most durable surface protection as well as a vast array of professional-grade accompanying materials and accessories, there are a number of companies out in the marketplace that sell such materials. Many big-name home improvement products distributors may sell some items the customer is looking for. Harder to find is a company, like Trimaco, who exclusively specialize in the sales of a great number of products relating to heavy duty surface protection, as well as tapes, films, masking products, and many other relevant goods.

Flame retardant surface protection, which is commonly seen in large construction jobs and healthcare facilities, is a terrific option for many. This is a durable means of protection that is extremely easy to apply, and is superior to many current means of protection, such as Masonite.

This surface protection, which keeps out dust and other particles, is a slip resistant surface which can be used on many different jobs. Thicknesses range from 10 mil to 40 mil. The 40 mil thickness is scissor lift and and forklift strong. All thicknesses from 10 mil and up are leakproof, making them ideal for either indoor or outdoor projects. The dust-free protection provided is ideal for more antiseptic areas such as healthcare facilities. This surface protection is flame retardant, tested and certified to NFPA-701 Test Method 2.

Putting the installation, which is quick and easy, in a bit of perspective: the 25 mil 6′ wide product is equivalent to 33 Masonite sheets or any other given 4′ x 8′ board products. Just roll it out to cover the surface. It really doesn’t get any easier than that, saving installation time, and money, in the process.

The right surface protection can really withstand most anything when properly applied. In addition to forklifts and scissor lifts, these products protect against water, paint, heavy foot traffic, stains, and a great deal more.

Other products to consider getting when ordering surface protection can include plastic or canvas drop cloths, protective film, masking paper, surface shields, or a number of like products that can help make the job cleaner and safer every step of the way.

When researching potential companies to do business with, if electing to check things out online, superior products companies have a clear, comprehensive, very user-friendly website that is quick and easy to access. Among the many features they display prominently on their home page include product descriptions, a detailed listing of products in their online catalog, videos, and a full listing of resources, among many other informative areas. There should be a FAQ page, which can answer most any question the customer may have. And if there’s something that just can’t be found, this supreme website should feature a customer service representative who will be right on hand to provide live chat assistance.

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