It doesn’t take much for me to feel blissful; a perfect cup of sweetened iced coffee, or a day bicycling or hiking outside. Some of my most fun-filled memories revolve around cheap, simple pleasures.

I don’t go overboard decorating for the holidays. I keep it simple – uncolored twinkle lights, holiday-scented candles, holiday cards hung up around the house – but Pinterest has me a little bit more interested in decorating this year. Without spending a bundle, check out some of the ideas I found browsing the boards:

Is fall here yet? It’s hard to tell in Southern California. The only glimpse of it I’ve seen is our drastic weather changes; 100 degrees one day and 65 the next. Without the true signs of fall to signal a changing of the seasons – colorful leaves, cool, brisk air, a drop in temps – I instead have to recreate them in my home in the form of fall scents.