If you live in Adelaide, chances are that you will need to worry about termites at some point in your life. While these pests are definitely annoying and dangerous to your home, the good news is that they can be successfully handled and removed. What you have to do is use the services of a pest control company in your area and let the experts work their magic.

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That’s the easy part. The difficult part is actually figuring out you need these services before severe damage has been done to the wood in your home. When you start seeing termites in swarms all over the place, it means that they have been around for quite a while and since they pose a threat to the whole structure of your building, you might as well try and notice some earlier signs of their existence. Leaving things up to chance is not a good idea in this case.

Discovering the infestation on time is of crucial importance, because it gives you a chance to deal with the issue before it is too late. In order to help you determine whether your home might need termite control services even though these pests still haven’t appeared all over your place, I will let you know about a few signs that you should look out for. That way, you will never be too late to deal with the pests that are damaging your house. Here we go.

1.  Clicking & Other Sounds

The first thing you need to understand is that, no matter how small these pests are, they do make sounds. This is probably because they attack in groups and colonies, allowing you to hear a low clicking sound in the walls from time to time. Now, here’s an interesting piece of information. These clicking sounds aren’t actually an indicator that the termites are eating your wood. When termites are in danger, they like to send signals to their group and they do that by literally banging their heads against the walls, which is the clicking sound you can hear.

This doesn’t mean, however, that they are silent when munching away on your wood. It just takes a little bit of effort to notice this noise. Most likely, you will have to put your ear against the wood you suspect is infested in order to hear them having a feast. Make no mistake, they are rather noisy eaters, so you will definitely be able to hear some unusual sounds when you do this, even though you might not know what the noise represents. To put things simply, that noise is just termites having lunch.

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2.  Hollow Wood

Here is another important sign to look out for and if you notice it, you will definitely need the services of Pest Aid termite control in Adelaide or a similar contractor that can do the trick. Termites eat wood, don’t they? We all know that and the fact that they can spend their days inside the constructions, feasting on the wood and without ever showing themselves is actually why discovering the infestation is so difficult. If you cannot see them, they aren’t there, huh?

That’s definitely not correct. While you cannot see them with your bare eye, you can become aware of their presence by noticing any changes in the wooden constructions in your home. The only thing is, there’s absolutely no need for you to look for those changes on the outside. Does that mean that you should dismantle the whole construction only to check if termites are hiding inside? Well, of course not – that would be pretty pointless.

What you can do is listen to the sound of the wood. Once again, sounds play a huge role here. This time, however, instead of putting your ear to it and waiting to hear something unusual, you should knock on the wooden construction and take note of the resonance. If it sounds like the wood is hollow, that’s probably because it is. The termites have eaten away the insides and you are now left with the outer part of the construction.

3.  Cracked Paint

Before you start inspecting your walls for cracked paint, I need to make it clear that this might not be a sign of termites all on its own. It can also indicate water damage. Still, if you notice it in conjunction with certain other signs, you should immediately contact pest control professionals in Adelaide, because your home is most likely infested by termites. After all, these creatures do love water.

They don’t only love water, they also need it in order to survive. It’s no wonder that all the wood they are eating calls for some water, right? Since they are living in your walls, what can they do in order to get the water they need to survive and take a break from their daily wood-eating practice? They bring the water right into your walls, which leads to the paint cracking and getting damaged in any other way. Go here to learn about more signs that you should look out for.

cracked paint

4.  Mud Tubes

One of the most obvious signs that you have termites are the mud tubes they tend to create along your walls. These serve to protect their colonies from the weather and any external factors and they are actually made of dirt, mud and saliva. Since the whole point is to get protected from outside dangers, you will first notice these mud tubes along the external walls of your home and they are definitely a sure indicator of the necessity to call experts for help.

You can also start noticing mud tubes along the internal walls of your property and that is an even bigger cause for concern. It means that you have really let termites make your home their home. In other words, the problem is rather huge and calls for the immediate attention of Adelaide experts. So, get the phone and dial the right number.

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