Owning a home requires general upkeep and maintenance. Keeping the outside of your home beautiful and usable has many benefits including: more living space for you and your family, helps retain and increase your home’s value and improves your home’s overall curb appeal which is a huge factor in determining the worth of your real estate investment. The following outdoor home improvements are great for sprucing up your home and increasing its value.

Spruce Up Your Landscaping

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your home look warm and inviting. By adding a little bit of outdoor greenery, you’ll be able to see your home’s value increase. An easy way to invest a small amount of money is with your outdoor landscaping. During the spring months of the year, consider separating perennials such as black-eyed Susan’s, purple cone flowers, Shasta daisies, bee balm and other hearty varieties. Purchase shrubs and trees during the fall when your local home and garden center is getting rid of their inventory. Planting bulbs in early spring and later fall can also add a burst of color to your dwelling.

Improve Gutters, Siding and Trim

A major part of boosting your home’s market value is making sure it’s being updated over the years. While eco-friendly appliances, heating and air systems are cost-effective upgrades to add to the indoors, your home will also benefit from the great look of copper gutters. Because copper is durable, it can take whatever weather conditions Mother Nature may throw your way. The unique charm of copper gutters also allows your home to stand out from the others in your neighborhood. If you have cedar siding and wood trim, have it painted every few years. By keeping up with the maintenance of your siding and gutters, this will help prevent leaks and allow your dwelling to look well-maintained.

Add a Patio or Deck

Adding a deck to the exterior of your home may sound like a costly project. But when you use materials that are durable and pleasing to the eye, it provides you with a high return on your investment. If you’re handy, you may be able to keep your costs to a minimum. If you want to outsource the deck building, get several estimates from reliable and certified contractors. There are also software programs and smartphone apps where you can peruse the best designs. Some may even help you with measurements and materials needed for the project.

Update the Curb Appeal

Many homeowners wait until they’re looking to sell their home to update their curb appeal. But if you give your home’s exterior TLC over the years, you can spread out the costs. You can begin by looking at your driveway. Whether you have a concrete or asphalt drive, fix cracks and have it seal coated yearly. If your exterior door is faded and worn, upgrade to something that is energy efficient and secure. Simple tasks such as seasonal lawn fertilization, aerating, watering and regular grass cutting can help boost the look of your home.

Install an Outdoor Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit or fireplace may not be first on your list of home improvement projects. But when polling buyers who are looking for a new home, this feature ranks high on their lists. Fire pits are inexpensive and range anywhere from $100 to $500. If you want to up your design, you may want to consider an outdoor fireplace. Although they run close to $1,500 and upward, they are great for cooking outside, can keep away summer bugs and boost the value of your home.

If you haven’t gotten on board of the outdoor home improvement bandwagon, you may want to consider it. Besides a home’s energy efficiency, there’s no bigger popular construction trend than expanding on your outdoor living space. Although the above suggestions may seem like a lot of money, you can boost your home’s value and still stay within your budget.


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