Los Angeles is a vibrant and bustling beachside city. It sprawls for over 500 square miles and is the 2nd largest city in the United States. That means there is always somewhere new to explore. Many of the neighborhoods have their own unique characteristics. Koreatown is no exception. It is a trendy, diverse, and coveted community. Whether you’re a resident or tourist, there is plenty to do in Koreatown.

1. Live

Koreatown apartments Los Angeles are a great place to live. Koreatown is centrally located between downtown and Hollywood. In addition to luxury apartment complexes, the area offers single-family homes, duplexes, and high rises. Renting or buying is generally lower in this area. Traffic can get congested, but there are multiple public transportation stops.

2. Eat

Koreatown is known for its dining. Contrary to popular belief, there is cuisine from many different cultures. A few noteworthy restaurants are the minimalistic yet classy Line Hotel and Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong which serves some of the most highly-rated Korean bbq. After dinner, you can stay cool with desserts like shaved ice or alcoholic ice cream.

3. Drink

Some say that Koreatown has the best nightlife in all of Los Angeles. With such big shoes to fill, you know there is no short supply of incredible places to grab a drink. Bar hop to find an outdoor beer garden, karaoke, a barcade, a speakeasy, and more. There’s a venue to fit every mood.

4. Learn

The trendy region is also a hub for art and history. You can learn a deep appreciation for Korean culture at the Korean American National Museum. The museum hosts events and has exhibits featuring neighborhood residents and their ancestor’s journeys. Don’t forget to visit galleries from local artists. Seeing traditional meet trendy makes for a unique learning experience.

5. Shop

You can’t leave Koreatown without doing some shopping. Koreatown Plaza is an incredible Asian-styled mall featuring an assortment of traditional American and Korean stores. Chapman Market is another must-see location. It hosts shopping, dining, salons, and a courtyard inside a Spanish fortress.

6. Listen

Koreatown is home to the Wiltern. It is one of Los Angeles’s most famous and largest theaters. In 1931, the Wiltern was built as a vaudeville theater. Today, it operates as a concert venue. Despite many renovations over the years, the original glory of the theater was preserved. You can listen to modern musicians among colorful art deco tile work and murals.

7. Stay

Koreatown offers a wide range of hotels for any budget and need. You’ll find a Ramada Inn, a Ritz-Carlton, and everything in between. Words used to describe hotels in the area are modern, historic, edgy, funky, retro, and sophisticated. Whether you’re visiting from across the country or looking for a staycation destination, you’ll be able to find the perfect hotel.

Koreatown is a neighborhood where a wonderful tradition has collided with modern trends. If you’re visiting or planning a move, entertainment will never be in short supply. Learn a little history and have a great time eating, drinking, and shopping.

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