The more I read about housing market news (the bubble returning, investors snatching up affordable houses, etc.), the more I think living in a tiny or small house might be my future. Thankfully, I adore small and tiny houses and have found so many concepts and companies that cater to that market, I’d be perfectly happy living in one (well, as long as I have plenty of land to expand on.)

Tiny Texas Houses is one company that not only designs unique tiny homes, but also uses salvaged materials which create a one-of-a-kind look. The company offers workshops and tutorials on how to build your own tiny house along with house plans (two which are free if you sign up for their newsletter.)

Utilizing small spaces effectively, think: utilitarian (spaces that are multi-functional), space-saving (furniture that easily folds up), and aesthetic (bright colors, lots of windows, etc.).

Tiny House Love
Tiny House Love

There are lots of companies that can help you design the space you need. Check out this list below:


  1. Wow, that looks like a run down shack. Maybe I need to see a bigger picture.

    • @Joe – Tiny Texas is known for building tiny homes out of reclaimed materials. So, from the outside, it does look a little run down, doesn’t it? But many of their other homes are quaint in a rustic sort of way. 😉

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