A mobile home is a much more affordable alternative to traditional homes like the ones you’ll get from 2 storey builder Vision One Homes. Whether you want to place your mobile home in a park or the forest, you need to decorate it with grace and style. Even if the rooms are small, you should decorate them according to your taste if you want to create an affordable, but homey environment for you and your family.


The following tips will come in handy when decorating your mobile home:


If you have an old-fashioned mobile, it probably has dark paneled interior walls. You can paint the molding strips between the wallboard panels. If you want your home to have a spacious and crisp appearance, you should opt for white paint. In the living room, you can use warm greens and reds to bring it to life or add a coat of semi-gloss finish or primer to give the panels a rich look.

If you want to remove the paneling, just remember that the process is time consuming and you might end up destroying the walls. When you finish painting them, you should move to the ceiling because it tends to start looking dingy over time.


Updating the look of your cabinets will give your home an instant upgrade. Make sure that you purchase lightweight cabinets that match your overall theme – light oak or honey-colored. If you are working with a small budget and want to keep your current cabinets, you can use white paint to make them look as good as new.

You should remove the cabinet doors and replace them with plain, one-way, or frosted glass for a stylish finish. You can also declutter your kitchen by removing any extra cabinets to create more space for cooking.

Floor Treatment

You should get rid of the dull carpeting that comes with most mobile homes and replace it with wood or tile flooring. If you want to create a cozy setting, you can use rugs. For instance, you can highlight the stove section with a neutral rug. You can also use a throw rug to enhance the appeal of tiny spaces and make them look elegant and deceptively larger. However, you should take care to avoid creating clutter in your mobile home.

Indoor Appearance

If you want your rooms to look larger, you should mount a mirror on empty wall spaces to create the illusion of a bigger room. Make sure that you decorate your walls with mounted prints and old pictures if you want to create an inviting and homey look. To bring life and color to your small space, you should also think about adding plants to your décor.

When choosing the décor for your house, you should choose simple and small pieces that do not make your space look overcrowded. In the same vein, you should forego tiny flea market knick-knacks that look like clutter.


If you want your bathroom to look bigger, make sure that you paint it with a bright color. Make sure that you paint your cabinets white to brighten them and make your bathroom look elegant. You can also use faux marble paper to make the space look stylish. Invest in a small rug and deep colored towels for a complete look.

If you have a window in your bathroom, you should remove the sill and replace it with a decorative piece, like a tile or marble. If you have a vanity in your bathroom, remove it and install a wall-hung sink to make the space look larger.

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