Some handy definitions before we begin:

  • Letting – Granting the use of or occupancy of (in this case an apartment or house)
  • Bedsits – A single room, similar to a studio, where the bedroom and living room function as one room, commonly found in cities like London.

Now on to why this is important information….

There are more people in the world than ever before, but the amount of space we have to live in has not increased. More and more people are therefore having to compromise on their living arrangements by learning to live in smaller properties and making the best use of the space they have.

Homeowners and tenants aren’t the only people who are having to learn to manage smaller living spaces. Landlords are also increasingly coming up against the problems posed by confined living quarters, and in particular the question of how to make present their smaller properties in the best possible light.

Beautiful Bedsits

More and more people are now choosing to live in bedsits, as this is a great way to save money when living in a city (I mentioned London, didn’t I?). This means that bedsits are becoming increasingly occupied by people with office-type jobs and steady incomes, who expect a little more in terms of comfort and style.

Maximizing space in a bedsit is difficult, but not impossible. Furniture can take up a lot of room, but rollaway and movable furniture will ensure that the room can be easily converted from day to night. Room dividers will help to make the room feel more like an apartment and it will definitely help to ensure the bedsit is decorated in bright, breezy colours, which will create the illusion of space.

Amazing Apartments

Many landlords make their letting apartments look more spacious by purposefully letting them without furniture. Not only does this help the apartment look roomier, but it can help you save money on your UKInsurancenet premiums. But there are actually some ways to let a furnished apartment without it looking cluttered. It all depends on what type of furniture you choose.

Fitted wardrobes are always a good idea, but it definitely depends on how they’re designed. Old fashioned designs will make a room look cluttered, so make sure the furniture you choose is modern. Beds should incorporate as much storage as possible, so choose one with space underneath or opt for a divan with drawers.

Handsome Houses

The principles which apply to small apartments apply equally well to small apartments. However houses often have the added benefit of an outside space. If your letting house has a garden or yard, make sure to make the most of it by installing a secure shed in which your tenants can store larger items. If the shed is secure and dry enough, it can even be used to house large appliances such as a washing machine or dryer.

Would you be willing to rent out a bedsit in an European city like London?

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