The finishing touch to any room is the curtains. Unfortunately, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the variety of curtains available. Whether you want to subtly change the look of your room or finish a redecorating project, it’s essential to find the right curtains to compliment the room. Here are the top 5 tips for picking the right curtains.

1: Look at Your Budget

Curtains are one of those things that can get very expensive very quickly. Still, that doesn’t mean that the price tag isn’t worth it. If you have large, tall, or uniquely shaped windows, then investing in custom curtains might be the right move. Prefabricated curtains won’t fit those types of windows correctly and will look worse than no curtains at all. Custom curtains also allow you to have a room that is completely yours in taste and style. All the same, if you are on a tight budget, prefabricated curtains will be cheaper and are often made of similar quality materials.

2: Be Open to Different Styles

One of the most essential parts of choosing such a distinct part of your decoration is opening yourself up to what really speaks to you. The last thing you want to do is settle on bog standard white or cream curtains because you didn’t look into all your options. Do a bit of a virtual treasure hunt and look through curtain retailers, Pinterest, and some lifestyle blog for inspiration. Step outside your comfort zone to consider more unique patterns and colors, and you’ll find yourself with a personalized and unique room that you’ll love for far longer than any boring curtains.

3: Consider the Thickness

Curtains come in four types of thickness: sheer, opaque, lined, and blackout. Different rooms need different thicknesses of curtains, so you should carefully consider what is needed for the room you are decorating. Sheer curtains can easily be layered and lend the room a light, airy look by allowing a lot of light through, which means they’re great for living rooms and kitchens. Opaque curtains are the most common type and are perfect for any room because of their versatility and ability to provide some privacy. Lined and blackout curtains are best for bedrooms, since they provide maximum privacy and light blocking.

4: Keep Draping in Mind

The draping is a huge factor when it comes to how your curtains will look, and if you’re choosing new curtains the decision can be even more frustrating than shopping for the curtains themselves. There are a baffling variety of draping styles, but they can be broadly put into formal and informal categories. More informal draping will give your curtains wide, simple folds that allow for easy opening and closing of the curtains. More formal draping styles have complex folds and more impressive drapes. Just keep in mind that formal draping can be hard to find prefabricated and so may require custom curtains.

5: Understand Length

The last tip you should follow is understanding the length of your curtains. The style of your room can change drastically by changing the curtain length alone, so it’s essential to get the length right. Prefabricated curtains, again, are at a disadvantage here, since they are restricted to just a few lengths available for sale, so your choices are restricted. There are many techniques for length that you may not have heard of, such as hanging your drapery higher than the window or allowing the ends to pool at the foot of the window. Ultimately, you will have to do careful research and consider your options before deciding what length to make your curtains, since it isn’t as simple as finding a set length and leaving it at that.

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