No matter how well you prepare for it traveling is just one of those things that end up being hectic – you’re always forgetting the smallest thing. This rings especially true if you’ve got the kids with you, or your equally-forgetful (more so, in most cases) husband or boyfriend tagging along. If traveling alone on a business trip, things don’t get much better – which is large everything-stores such as Target and Walmart are so crucial.

In the following, we take a look at some of the most common items you left behind, as well as useful things you might have never had but should consider picking up.

* Laundry Bag – Target or Walmart:

Laundry Bag
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First of all; trust me – a laundry bag on a vacation is worth its weight in Ibuprofen for a headache you’ll otherwise get if you don’t bring one along. On the way, it’s easy to forget to pack this since your suitcase can carry all your clean clothes; but once you’re actually in paradise, you’ll need somewhere to store those dirty socks and undergarments.

Now; where do you want to go for the laundry bag? If you want a no-frills, inexpensive bag, then Walmart is your store. They have multiple brands, of course; the prices range from under $4 to about $8 for the basic ones. When we say no-frills, though, we mean it – they’re sturdier on the higher price end. Target is where you go if you want upgraded laundry bags from vendors like H&M and Bed, Bath & Beyond. The prices for these can run past $15 and $20 – but they will last for years and years.

* Target Toiletries or Walmart Bathroom Supplies?

This one, frankly, is a toss-up – both Target and Walmart superstores carry more of these can you would ever wish to cover. We almost always forget toothbrushes and soap on vacation trips; but even when we remember, it’s sometimes better to have a separate small travel pouch exclusively for toiletries. That way, you never have to think about all the small things you need to gather that you prefer when on business or vacation – soap, toothpaste, ear swabs, toothpicks, dental floss, mouthwash, a small bottle of lotion and more. Visit either store to pick these up, and also pick up a pouch to hold them. Designate this as your travel pouch and reserve a space in the suitcase for it.

* Charging Cables:

Charging Cables
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This is another necessity in the age of mobile devices: charging cables. Obviously, you’ll need your phone with you on any extended trip; Walmart seems to have less expensive cables, whereas Target seems to have a slightly limited variety. Try to pick up one of the fast-charging types in case you’re stuck in an airport for just an hour or so with a very low battery. You can get more than enough juice in that amount of time with a Type C USB cable and a plug.

* Memory for Memories:

Trust us on this – always bring along an extra memory card. The memories you’ll gather belong on a dedicated chip, so as not get bundled up with unrelated data. Besides, the last thing you want to do is run out of space on your current chip; lest you miss that wave your son just caught, or the sandcastle your daughter just made. Opt for a card with 16GB of space at least – just in case you take some videos, too. This will cost you less than $10 at either Walmart or Target.

* Extra Energy – Power Bank:

Power Bank for travel
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Before we move on; consider picking up a power bank. Anker is a good brand, as is RAVPower; both Target and Walmart usually carry both. It is an essential traveling partner these days – especially on business trips when clients don’t care if your phone was down for a few hours when your competition’s phone was up-and-running. Get a charger that can charge your phone fully at least twice before the charger, itself, is out of juice. No less than about 10,000mah will do – that shouldn’t cost you more than about $6 at either store.

* Footwear – Beach or Pool:

Even if your travel destination does not involve a white sandy beach somewhere, you cannot go wrong with taking along footwear. After all, the hotel at which you’re staying will probably have a community pool or jacuzzi, right? No need to pick up extra germs by not protecting your feet.

Target has a wide range of sandals and flip flops; these tend to be non-branded and effective. You can snatch up a pair for under $10. Walmart has even less expensive AND1 flip-flops for $5 – as well as some really high-end ones for $50.

Whether for business or pleasure, make sure you pick up the above for your travel bag.

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