Beautiful Jive Sofa - arriving today!
Beautiful Jive Sofa – arriving today!

My sofa is arriving today. Yes, I’ve spent a large portion of my “large purchase” fund money on a beautiful Sante Fe-hued Jive couch. It’s large, it’s comfy, it’s beautiful. My living room will actually have a piece of furniture in it now; maybe it won’t echo as much once the sofa is in place. Thankfully, I’ve been savingΒ  up for these large home purchases which I was anticipating, but now my savings bar will be a bit decreased. I suppose that was the purpose of this fund: to spend it on home purchases.

Now for a quick round-up around the blogosphere:

  • Sandy at Yes I am Cheap with I Added $20K To My Debt on Purpose. Find out how Sandy made some decision making deals with her credit cards to reduce her total interest and moved her debt around.
  • The Amateur Financier with Are You a Leader, a Follower, or a Loner? Reviews personality traits and advantages of each.
  • Ultimate Money Blog with How to Save Money on Groceries. This seems to be a running theme on quite a few blogs, it must have something to do with the increase in grocery prices lately.
  • Bucksome Boomer with Real Estate: White House Value Mirrors Rest of Nation. A comparison of how much the actual White House as lost its value in comparison to middle-class homes.
  • Out of Debt Again with Prices Are Rising, I’m Starting To Get a Little Freaked Out. A common theme these past few days is that inflation is here! Gas is up, groceries are up, what’s going on!?

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  1. Sandy @ yesiamcheap Reply

    Thanks for including my link about my crazy credit card switcheroo. I usually don’t advocated people loading up the credit cards but in this case it was a necessary evil.

  2. I desperately need to get a new couch, but with the kids and dog, I’m going to ride it out a few more year with our current one.

    Congratulations though, it sounds pretty sweet!

  3. Yay for new couches πŸ™‚

    And you’re right, that’s what designated savings funds are for!

    • @Laura – Sounds like you need a new couch! So far I’m enjoying it, and so are the cats. πŸ˜‰

      @Jackie – Yep. My large purchase fund it taking a hit, but that’s what it was there for.

    • @Mrs. Accountability – I sure do hope so. I intend on owning this couch for many years, we’ll just have to make sure the living area is large enough for it, even within a tiny house. πŸ˜‰

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