Tuesday Tips, Just Another Great Post from Little House
Tuesday Tips, Just Another Great Post from Little House. I'm so humble.

This week’s Tuesday Tip, camping for vacation! Again, I recently touched upon this topic in detail over at The Centsible Life. (You’re not tired of the senseless plug, are you?) Yet, camping is one of my favorite summer activities, and with summer hovering around enough so that I can just taste it, this seemed like a perfect time to touch upon this topic.

Tip # 8: Camping makes for a great vacation.

Taking a camping vacation saves money in comparison.

  • Camping site fees are minimal. Most camp site fees range between $10 a night to $35 a night. I personally use ReserveAmerica.com to book my camp site. The site allows me to see all of the federal and state campgrounds in my destination of choice. I can view the amenities, such as showers and flush toilets versus porta-potties and no potable water, and I can even choose my specific camp site at most campgrounds. After a visit or two I make a mental note as to which sites are my favorite; quiet, secluded, near a stream, large in size, nice pad to place the tent, not covered in bees or wasps, etc.
  • Overall cost of camping is minimal if you build up your supplies over time. Our first camping experience was camping in our Element with a few pillows, blankets, and a small cooler. Granted, it was an overnight trip so these items got us through the night comfortably. Through the years of camping, our supplies have grown and I’ve even made a checklist that I add to every time we return from a camping expedition. Before packing up our car, I check the list and make sure we haven’t forgotten anything. Bringing all of the necessities, like cook ware, coolers, sleeping arrangements, flashlights, and a tent as well as our comfort items makes camping fun and comfortable. Large rubbermaid bins help organize it all so we don’t have to pack everything each time we go camping.

Camping is good on the environment if you “leave nothing behind”.

  • Camping can be a green vacation option. The key here is that you literally leave nothing behind. Clean up after yourself! Don’t throw your cans in the stream or your napkins on the ground. I’m even at the point where the camp site is cleaner after I’ve visited the site than when I arrived. I will go around and pick up bottle caps, twist ties, anything that doesn’t belong! Of course if you travel with a generator and 50-ft RV, then maybe this doesn’t count as “green” camping. However, keeping it simple, reducing your waste, and picking up after yourself will point you in the right direction.

Do you enjoy camping? What do you bring with you? Are you a tent camper, pop-up trailer camper, or RVer?


  1. Being a Boy Scout, have been on plenty of camping trips. Mostly tenting, but sometimes we’d just use our sleeping bags.

    Another section you can add would be the more desirable vistas. Seeing the Grand Canyon from a motel vs. actually at the base of it are two totally different experiences!
    .-= FinEngr´s last blog ..Does This iPhone Come With or Without Cancer? =-.

    • @FinEngr – I couldn’t agree with you more. You especially appreciate the views after a 5 hour hike down the Kaibab! Thanks for sharing. 😉

  2. @Ingrid – That sounds like fun. I can’t imagine how the women would camp with all their clothing, though. I’m sure that is an interesting experience! Thanks for sharing.

  3. @Simple in France – It’d be great to hear about camping in other countries. I’m thinking much of it is similar, but I’m sure there are some definite differences.

    • @Daddy Paul – You never know. Maybe you could first start with renting a cabin at a park. If she enjoys the experience, you might try tent camping later on. She just might like the experience as long as it is really comfortable! 😉

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