Tuesday Tips - Will become a weekly standard
Tuesday Tips - Will become a weekly standard

I love alliteration, what can I say. Monday’s are always hectic for me and I often can’t sit down to write an eloquent post, so I’ve decided to make Tuesdays a post about something frugal and environmentally friendly. As this is my first “Tuesday Tip” I’ll make a point to keep my tips organized into two categories: Frugal ways to save money and how the tip ties in with the environment. So here goes:

Tip #1 : Use your own reusable containers for water and food.

Frugal ways using your own containers saves you money:

  • Carrying around a water bottle allows you to fill up your canister where ever you go, and it’s free (minus the cost of the bottle). Most places have drinking fountains or water spigets, and most restaurants serve water for free. If you aren’t one to fill up on “tap” water, you can fill your bottle before leaving home.
  • Bringing your lunch to work in reusable containers saves you money. Not only do you save money bringing your own food, you save money on the zip lock bags you no longer have to purchase.
  • Discounts for bringing your own canister. Some places give small discounts for bringing in your own cup. For instance, Starbucks offers a 10 cent off discount for bringing in your own cup.

Using your own container is better for the environment:

  • Less trash to throw away after lunch. If you bring your own lunch to work in a reusable container, you won’t have to throw away the “wrapper” when you’re finished. Just take it home and rinse/wash it out or wipe it out (depending on its contents).
  • No more paper or plastic cups to throw away (and less for the companies to produce in theory). Again, less trash is produced if you bring your own reusable cup.

Since I’m trying to keep my tips short and sweet (that’s the whole point of them), I’d love to hear feedback on how or if you use this tip.


  1. Hmmm, I haven’t done this much. I have family members that do it but since I don’t cook much, I’ve never tried it.

    But I think I’ll start, especially for lunch! Actually I’ve been craving beef stroganoff latey, and such a container would be perfect for that!
    .-= Money Reasons´s last blog ..What I Have Learned To Date From Blogging! =-.

    • @Money Reasons – I use the containers for my breakfast, oatmeal and cranberries. I’m not much of a cook myself, but this does work for small snacks, etc. And I always have my water bottle and coffee bottle with me, can’t resist saving 10 cents at Starbucks!

  2. Stay at Home Mom CFO Reply

    I’m not a total frugal freak but I’m trying. My latest cutback, I refill old store bought water bottles (like store-brand EVIAN bottles) with TAP water and stick them in the fridge. It tastes the same to me. Dear Lord – Please don’t let me start dividing one roll of 2-ply toilet paper into 2 separates rolls:)
    .-= Stay at Home Mom CFO´s last blog ..Don’t Count Your Money Until it’s “There” =-.

    • @SAHMCFO – Don’t worry about the toliet paper, I won’t be doing that anytime soon. 😉 I do like your idea of refilling the store bought bottles with tap water, that’s a great way to reuse plastic bottles. Thanks!

  3. @Arlene – Oh, you’re like me! I love Starbucks and am a daily visitor. That 10 cent discount really does add up! 🙂

  4. Yay for Tuesday Tips — love the alliteration, like my Fix-It Friday series!
    I HATE ziplock bags. I use them sparingly, mainly for freezing meat in smaller portions. Everything else is in reusable containers.

    • @RainyDaySaver- I like your Fix-It Friday series! I think I got some of my inspiration from this. And I agree with you on the ziplock bags too, I don’t like them.

  5. I just bought me a nifty reusable bottle for my water/smoothies. Not only environmentally friendly, but healthy too. LOL. I also use reusable containers for my lunch. And have sewn some sandwich size bags with my old canvas bags. They make for great snack bags. A a cinch to sew. 😀
    .-= Money Funk´s last blog ..ING Orange Saving Account =-.

    • @Money Funk – I love the idea of sewing your own sandwich bags! Do you have a pattern? I’m not much of a sewer, but I can patch and stitch a bit. I’d love to see the pattern.

  6. I’ve been using my lunch “box” for over two years and the poor thing is ripping apart at the seams, literally! The zipper is broken as well. I’m hoping to find a replacement soon. I like to use recycled small glass jars to bring leftovers for lunch. Thankfully we have a kitchen at work so I can keep my lunch cold until lunch and then warm it up. I keep a small pan and a ceramic bowl with real silverware at work, this works out great for me.
    .-= Mrs. Accountability´s last blog ..Blast from the Past – March 2008 =-.

    • @Mrs. Accountability – Thanks for mentioning the glass jars. Mason jars are another great way to reuse containers. As for your lunch box, MoneyFunk has a simple pattern for making sandwich bags. I wonder if it would work for making a lunch box? I asked her about her pattern, I’ll follow up on this tip with her.

  7. This is a habit for me, I store up containers, boxes, jars what have you in short recycling, bring water wherever I go and cook my own lunch. Going green and saving more – now that’s a good part. Great post.

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