Tuesday Tips, Just Another Great Post from Little House
Tuesday Tips, Just Another Great Post from Little House. I’m so humble.

This week’s Tuesday Tip, hop aboard and travel by train! I recently wrote an article about ways to save on travel over at The Centsible Life. However, one topic that I enjoy thinking about, and writing about I guess, is train travel. My first experience traveling by train was two years ago when I took an Amtrak to Santa Barbara for the day. It was a blissful experience that I’m considering repeating over Memorial Day weekend.

Tip # 7: All Aboard! Traveling by Train is Relaxing.

Traveling by train can save money if gas prices are high and the location is within a couple of hours.

  • Train travel can save money by saving gas. When I took my trip a couple of years ago, gas prices were pushing $5 a gallon. For two people traveling just outside of 65 miles, it made more economical sense to travel by train. The cost was about the same, but the experience was much more relaxing and enjoyable compared to car travel.
  • You can take larger items without investing in a rack or carrier. Before we purchased our long-awaited bicycle rack, we didn’t have any way to travel with our bikes (other than pedaling!) Taking the train allowed us to easily push on our bikes, and at no extra fee!

Traveling by train can be a much “greener” option.

  • Travel by train, emit less CO2. According to CO2 Emissions and Global Warming site Seat61, train travel emits much less CO2 than plane travel. Here is one example, London to Barcelona by plane emits 277 Kg/CO2, versus by train, 40 Kg/CO2. That’s less than one sixth the amount! When comparing my 65 mile one-way trip using Transport Direct’s carbon calculator (very cool calculator BTW), the savings is only .6 kg of carbon if traveling by small car. (Looks like traveling by bus would be much less damaging at 3.1 kg of Co2!)

Have you experienced train travel? What did you like or not like? Have you traveled long distances by train? I hear it’s a great way to see Europe!

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  1. @Ryan – That sounds like a great way to move across county! Especially if they allow you to bring quite a bit of luggage, I know their luggage cars are quite large. Good luck with your move. 🙂

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